What is happening to US dollar?

There are rumors spreading about the possibly imminent collapse of the us dollar. So, is it true? The short answer is – the trouble has been creeping closer and closer for decades. But the events of some last 3 years, or so, along with activities of the US government, might finally have finished the job.

The whole tale about the US dollar seems to have similarities with events leading to the financial crisis of 2008. What happened back then? It is nicely explained in the movie called “The Long Short”. In short, in order to achieve their own personal goals, many financial institutions have been failing to do what they are meant to – to keep the finances balanced and within safe borders. And those institutions that were meant to check them, they were giving them good ratings because they were paid by those who they were checking… A really bad formula for financial markets. And there are many parallels we could draw with what is happening with the US dollar right now.

In short, there is too many dollars around and the government of the USA has been using dollar as a weapon to punish those who fail to follow their orders. Clearly, that can only lead to those countries, especially if they are very big ones, like China, Russia, India, Brazil, etc, to realize that having dollars as their reserve currency can be used as a leverage by the USA. So, they started to avoid it. Combined with huge amount of printed dollars in last 3 years, this is a very deadly combination for the dollar. And it seems that there is no way out anymore.

There is no longer a question about “if” that will happen, as we can only ask “when” it will happen. And it is clear to all markets and governments around the world. So, what do we do about that? And is that a reason for countries like China and Russia to celebrate? What about Europe, right?

The thing is, the whole world has been united and tied by the US dollar. If everyone will decide to abandon it, it will instantly cause a collapse of economies of the whole world. This will happen. That is inevitable. But nobody wants it to happen tomorrow. And that is the only reason for why dollar is still around and there is no another Great Depression yet, which is on its way and will hit everyone. The creeping inflation all around the world is just the beginning of that.

One might think that too many experts are saying, that there is no danger to dollar at all. So, how can they be wrong, right? Once again I can remind to you that, according to “experts”, everything was perfect and flourishing right to the last day before the 2008 financial crash… I was in early stages of learning English back then, and the phrase “financial crisis” was new to me.

The crisis that is coming now is going to be much larger. And it will last for “god knows for how long”… But those might be decades. And our governments are blindly leading us right into that predicament… Experts are lying as they don’t want the crash to happen tomorrow. Think of it! If the word gets about about imminent collapse of the us dollar, everyone will start to get rid of it. And that will mean that all dollars will come back home to the USA. But what is the money worth if it starts losing its value. Everyone will try to buy something that will have value regardless of inflation. And that will lead to hyperinflation and collapse of the US dollar. This is why experts keep saying that everything is ok with dollar. They simply have no other choice than lie.

It is wise for anyone to be prepared for these changes…