How One Brexit supporting MP Disturbed the Stinky Waters of British Matrix!

I was amazed about the reaction of some of the media and scholars of Universities when one Tory MP asked Universities to reveal the information concerning Brexit. One of the scholars is even reported to have said that this request sends a shiver down his spine… And I thought, if this University person is delivering an honest and comprehensive and balanced information and looks at all facts from all points of view, why would he have “the chill down his spine”??? Their reaction in general is SO SO SO telling… So, the question right now is – has this MP (Chris Heaton-Harris) disturbed the stinky waters of the British Matrix? And trust me, I am far from being a supporter of Tories.

Mr David Green from the University of Worcester, concerning this request, is reported to have said this – “Was this the beginning of very British McCarthyism?” 

I will give you a link to one of the posts in media about this topic a little bit later.

Right now, I had to find out instantly, what this McCarthyism (later I will give you an official quote on McCarthyism for those who don’t know anything about it) means. Otherwise I will end up like those so-called scholars of the Universities, who start throwing around accusations and assumptions (and, quite frankly, clear manipulations and even lies) about a given topic without even knowing what this all is about. Or maybe, in this case, the old saying – “The Dog Knows What It Has Eaten” – is in the right place because, possibly, some of those scholars have not been up to the highest standards when giving their students information concerning the Brexit and haven’t been following the principle that the information must be honest, equally and comprehensively representing whole spectre of views and non-biased. So, did they do that or did this MP have a credible reason to question them?

We know how the propaganda works and that the so-called scholars of the Developed World are far from being free from it. They MAY BE the victims of such propaganda themselves and whatever they do in Universities MAY BE leading to increased numbers of similarly zombified students (population in general) they are affecting. So, why did this Tory MP request such information and why scholars are so afraid of this, and does this whole story have anything in common with the speculations that Britain should and will have a second Brexit Referendum?

We know that properly organised propaganda really works. People affected by it become like imprisoned in certain ideas and are unable to break free from those concepts and thinking algorithms that were predominantly poured into them. To dismiss this effect and even possibility of it is to declare that you know nothing about how the human minds work. And guess what – so-called scholars ARE NOT FREE FROM SUCH INFLUENCE ALSO… THEY MAY BE THE VICTIMS OF PROPAGANDA THEMSELVES. AND THEY WILL HAVE NO CLUE ABOUT IT.

We also know that the EU is a decent rival in terms of propaganda to the Hitler’s Germany itself. Everyone knows, that they don’t like democracy. For IN TRUE DEMOCRACY whoever wants to spend some money on discussions, should spend it equally to supporters of all views, so that the best and most beneficial view for all may win. This principle should especially apply to money given by so-called democratic organisations, such as governments and the EU, as this is the money of all people and should be used for finding the best ways for those who “have paid”. Unfortunately, the EU leaders have their own agenda. And the money that belongs to everyone, which they give to the organisations in the UK, must be used to propagate “the only correct thinking”… DEAR PEOPLE, THIS IS NOT A DEMOCRACY AS IT DOESN’T DELIVER A FAIR CONTEST AMONG ALL THE VIEWS. THIS IS A MANIPULATION, ALSO KNOWN AS THE PROPAGANDA. And the money of people for this reason is used against them, to keep them away from finding the True Facts. This is the Real Face of the Globalization in general. And those True Movers of it always stay hidden from us. We are being bombarded by “the only true and correct way of looking at things” on enormous scale. Even the most advanced minds in societies ave no clue it is happening. DEAR PEOPLE – THERE IS NO DEMOCRACY AND FREEDOM IN THIS WORLD WHATSOEVER. Everything is fake. And whoever is determined to endanger “this order”, should be annihilated. If not physically, then politically or by bribes or by threats etc… This is the modern world we are living in. The world of lies and Bullycracy.

Before we go back to the main topic, I would like to introduce you to the Only True Explanation of What Is the Matrix!



Scholars at Universities DO PLAY a key role in this propaganda machine. We also can call it a Matrix. The principle of Matrix is this – The media control the minds of societies and make sure that they think and see things according to what “some invisible movers” want them to think. Everyone who thinks differently, must be labelled as evil to the core person and removed from any position of influence. When this system is strong, it controls media and schools and politicians. The best way to make sure nothing changes is that only those who support this particular view, “the only right one”, can be in position where one can affect the minds of the others.

Those who happen to get to these positions of talking to audiences and are not “of the only correct making”, must be ridiculed and labelled at every chance. And if you look at people like Nigel Farage and others that are not “singing the right songs”, then you should be capable to recognize that it is just what is happening.

So, this system is incredibly strong. It affects the absolute majority of all people. Only some kinds of “Divergents” survive these effects. And even they tend to be only partly Divergents, as they clearly see the stupidities in some things, but on some others they are as damaged as the majority. For this reason, the pure mass and Momentum of the “damaged part of society” is so vast, that mostly “damaged people” take on all the important positions of forming the opinions of the majority.

This all means, that the Matrix is the system of values, the system of thinking algorithms. It is as if it is having a life on its own, like some kind of machinery. Not only it produces “damaged goods” and ensures that the majority is damaged, but it also helps those “who think in the only correct way” to get into positions of influence and keep far away “Divergents”… Those “Damaged Ones” CAN ONLY RECREATE THE WORLD OF THINKING ACCORDING TO THEIR OWN WAY OF DAMAGE.

It is funny, but schools cannot employ “persons with wrong views”. For instance, a scholar at University cannot be one who criticizes or at least questions Homosexuality or Islam. Sometimes he can dislike them but only if he stays silent, he can carry on. And the educational system plays a very important role in this “Minds-Damaging System”.

Think of it:

  1. Schools teach The Only True Ways…
  2. Media propagate The Only True Ways…
  3. Politicians propagate The Only True Ways…
  4. So-called entertaining media (movies, books) propagate The Only True Ways…
  5. Only those that propagate The Only True Ways… can be in main positions of these places…

So, this all means that, in a way, the System of Damaged Thinking Algorithms and Values is in charge of everything and people are only like batteries that make sure it carries on in damaging whole societies and sustaining Itself with the hands of those damaged…

Despite it all, the numbers of “Divergents” has soared recently. It is thanks to new media like Facebook, YouTube and others. People can learn first-hand many other views and arguments. And guess what, they start to change their views on many things. And guess what – increasingly politicians keep implying that those who expose “wrong views” must be labelled as haters or Fake News and banned. Unbelievably, but even as big TV Channels as Russia Today are not safe. We all remember the story of blocked bank accounts of theirs and the USA declaring all of those working for Russia Today foreign spies… This is unbelievable how far “those who support the Only True Way of Thinking” are prepared to go to secure their rule…

The thing is, The Changes are on the way. Matrix is unable to stop it. The actions of the Servants of Matrix become even more desperate in order to stop people from waking up. Funny, even such TV series as “Walking Dead” are part of the Matrix, for they propagate “The Only True Way of Thinking”. All these series do…


Back to main topic!

As I have already mentioned – all this story becomes even more important and relevant in the light of the speculations that Brits could be facing the Second Comin… eh.., Brexit Referendum… Sorry, this felt so funny!!! :-)))

So, anyway, what is this McCarthyism?

The “Mother Google” offered this explanation as the first one:

A vociferous campaign against alleged communists in the US government and other institutions carried out under Senator Joseph McCarthy in the period 1950–4. Many of the accused were blacklisted or lost their jobs, though most did not in fact belong to the Communist Party.

Wikipedia gives even better description:

McCarthyism is the practice of making accusations of subversion or treason without proper regard for evidence. The term refers to U.S. Senator Joseph McCarthy and has its origins in the period in the United States known as the Second Red Scare, lasting roughly from 1947 to 1956 and characterized by heightened political repression as well as a campaign spreading fear of influence on American institutions and of espionage by Soviet agents.

McCarthyism has taken on a broader meaning, describing the excesses of similar efforts. The term is also now used more generally to describe reckless, unsubstantiated accusations, as well as demagogic attacks on the character or patriotism of political adversaries.

Sounds quite terrible, doesn’t it!?

We all remember the paranoid actions of the USA in those years when it came to Communism. This paranoia led to Vietnam war and hundreds if not millions of slaughtered people around the world. The same excuses, i.e. – as if fighting the communism -, have begotten the modern waves of terrorism and hate between different communities all around the world. The modern terrorism started in Afghanistan. And it is the USA that kindled it. Now this Global Fire of Terrorism has taken proportions that nobody seems to be capable to localize. It rages around the world and keeps taking human lives and leave millions from all backgrounds into long-lasting miseries. And we are told that this all has been done in the name of better life for those destroyed or those whose lives are now ruined and far worse than they have ever were. The price that is far to high for “the goods delivered”…

The Terrorism ignited by the USA in the Middle East has reached the West itself. One very prominent “Slave of Matrix”, who happens to be in a very high position (for good service to Matrix I believe), even said a phrase that deserves to be found in the future school books under the rule of Matrix. And this phrase is this – “The Terrorism today is a part of a parcel of living in a big City”… As French would have said – enjoy! This is so stupid that I wouldn’t have believed if I didn’t myself hear him saying this. This is unbelievable. And this chap happens to be a supporter of the same faith as the terrorists are… After all, Allah Himself in the Quran, at least 4 times, confirms and promises to cast terror into the hearts of “Disbelievers”… So, no surprise there. Allah simply keeps His word… He is Allah! He must keep His word.

Do I hear many voices shouting – “Shut him up, shut him up”…, or is it just my sick perception of things?

Let us move on.

The so-called Threat of Communism has passed. But the actions of the USA have not changed… They go like a Bulldozer-Warlord around the Globe destroying anyone who disagrees with their orders and the understanding of “the only right order”… They don’t realize that they themselves have turned to be the biggest threat to world today compared to anything else. They are the Machine of Destruction that stops at nothing to crash any rebellion or simple disobedience their orders… America first – they say! All means are good for them as long as they bring them closer to their goals… And those goals, for a very long time now, are not to make the world a better place for everyone, but to punish all those who don’t follow their orders. It is funny, that Muhammad started his movement in the same way, with the same excuses… And now these Two Monsters are at each other’s throats… while pretending they are friends allies… I believe here is a good source for next TV series called – “Friends -2” 

What it has to do with the main topic of this blog? yes – the Matrix! They all are outcomes of the Matrix.


Is the letter of this Tory MP really a modern McCarthyism? Let us read it!

From (

The letter from Mr Heaton-Harris said: “I was wondering if you would be so kind as to supply me with the names of professors at your establishment who are involved in the teaching of European affairs, with particular reference to Brexit. Furthermore, if I could be provided with a copy of the syllabus and links to the online lectures which relate to this area I would be much obliged.”

Professor Green said he had not heard of Mr Heaton-Harris before receiving the letter, but discovered he has previously described himself as a Eurosceptic. He said: “I realized that his letter just asking for information appears so innocent but is really so, so dangerous… Here is the first step to the thought police, the political censor and Newspeak, naturally justified as ‘the will of the British people’, another phrase to be found on Mr Heaton-Harris’s website.

“Then I thought that only one response was appropriate, which Churchill spoke so brilliantly for all who love Britain and democracy when he said, ‘we shall outlive the power of tyranny’ and ‘we shall never surrender’.

“That is my reply to Mr Heaton-Harris MP’s sinister letter.”

Mr Heaton-Harris tweeted on Tuesday (October 24): “To be absolutely clear, I believe in free speech in our universities and in having an open and vigorous debate on Brexit.”

Pay attention – all instruments of manipulation and labelling in use without giving any arguments… Attack before the fight even starts…  In reality, the Matrix is the one to who this phrase of Churchill should be applied. Interestingly, Churchill himself had some views that today’s Matrix would have him sacked for… He wasn’t afraid to speak his mind. His saying sounds rather like the one of a Divergent addressed to the Matrix… – ‘we shall outlive the power of tyranny’ and ‘we shall never surrender’… How sweet, isn’t it???

And what about this – “That is my reply to Mr Heaton-Harris MP’s sinister letter.”

The comment speaks by itself. To me all these comments Mr David Green has said mean only one thing – Don’t touch us! We don’t want to be touched and we are prepared to bite hard and argumentation and reasoning is definitely not what we do. EVER

Just think of it. If this Tory MP wrote the letter in order to crash anyone who thinks differently, it well may be classified as some form of Mccarthyism. And some of the scholars definitely behave as if this is the case, without any real proof about this. Of course, knowing that Mr Heaton-Harris is a Brexiter and he specifically asks for information related to Brexit in Universities, it instantly implies that he must have heard something that may have seemed to him inappropriate way of discussing these things. Naturally, he requires some information.

I even believe that it could be some of his constituents who happened to be students at particular University have told him what is being taught there. And, naturally, he became interested in what if that the same possible manipulations and propaganda may be taking place all across the UK. Hence the request. But not only he hasn’t done anything wrong by this, IT IS HIS DUTY TO FIND OUT AND SORT OUT ANY MISUSE OF EDUCATIONAL SYSTEM. For who needs “Damaged Zombies”??? The EU needs…

The scholars, on the other hand, did wrong everything. They behave rather not like scholars at all. Scholarly approach would be to find out and then react, not the vice versa. The reaction before proper information is rather a clear sign that those scholars are doing something wrong indeed AND THEY THEMSELVES KNOW THAT, and they are afraid of the possibility of being exposed… If this is the case, then it is THEM WHO ARE KINDLING MODERN McCarthyism rather than this Tory MP. The scholars are simply trying to protect themselves by throwing the accusation of McCarthyism at Mr Heaton-Harris first.

We all know that if the Nazi accuses another person first in supremacy, it will make it look stupid for the accused person to use the same accusation against the Nazi… Perfect solution… This is like Islam works up to this day. They declare haters all those who criticize “the clear words of Allah”…, despite the abundant evidence in the Quran that Allah deserves to be called the most influential Hate-Preacher in the last 14 centuries who also happens to propagate Muslim Supremacy. Muslims are desperate to cover it up and deny it by mostly … guess what – labelling the critiques as haters and supremacists… For racist in essence is a Supremacist. And this works just perfectly. And the average “Slave of Matrix” will never pick up the Quran by himself and read “the clear instructions from Allah”… They are filled with hatred against all non-Muslims and commands to subjugate them and declarations that all non-Muslims are the worst of creatures and Muslims are the best of creatures. Basically, Allah declares that non-Muslims are lower in His Eyes than pigs, apes and dogs, all disgusting and impure creatures to Allah. And not only that. Creatures are everything that has been created. And guess what – a creature is not only a living being but also all things that exist, as everything has been created by Allah… shit is also a creature… And, if non-Muslims are worst of creatures…

What has Islam to do with this all? A very good question!

It is not that much Islam itself, but the Abrahamic Regions in general, that have kindled and formed the existing Matrix. Only that at the present moment in history Islam is more active than others.

And the story is about the so-called “thinking algorithms” and principles that come from the Abrahamic Religions and that have penetrated the modern world. These religions are filled with problems. So, when they feel that they may be exposed for their lies, just as a possibility, they feel an instant urge to make sure even the thought to do that will become regrettable not only by those who may do it, but also by those who may accidentally observe it all unfolding. They achieve it by using the “Abrahamic principle”“attack first in self-defence”, “go for the kill” even though those people are only criticizing some of your wrongdoings…, “keep terrorizing (in many different ways including verbal harassment)  them so that the others who might want to do the same fell silent before it has a chance to break free and become a mainstream movement”...

Of course, the modern scholars will not attack anyone physically for we live in the world where somebody can be annihilated by a pen. Still, methods of terrorisation through humiliation and ridicule are broadly used by Matrixians… Ha! Eureka! Matrixians! I like it!

The reality is, nobody was trying to attack these people of Abrahamic Religions. But the fear of being exposed for their lies is a very painful idea. And in their minds more dangerous than a real physical attack. So, they protect themselves by attacking first. In self-defence, of course… First of all, they use labelling of those who might expose their dishonest and even evil ways by (and this is the best part) by accusing the possible critiques of them to have dishonest and evil goals against them first. AND WITHOUT GIVING ANY PROOFS FOR THAT, they declare them willing to attack them and then, logically, they attack first IN SO-CALLED SELF DEFENSE or in defence of unnamed values and democracy etc. In reality, they do just the opposite – they want to annihilate certain values and freedoms and leave only a fake democracy and freedom.

Anyway, the message of such actions always is – don’t even think about criticizing us. If you do, we will make sure you will regret that you were even born. This “principle of Abrahamic Religions” is very broadly used in modern world. It is like a disease the whole modern humankind has been contaminated with. And it was first introduced by Judaism. It is in the Book of Esther. And Jews celebrate this on their festive called Purim up to today. Even non-religious Jews celebrate the mad rages of certain Jew called Mordecai. It is a very short book. Some 30 minutes of read. I DO RECOMMEND TO EVERYONE…  A truly horrible and bloody story. JEWS DECLARE, THAT IT IS GOD WORKING BEHIND THE SCENE despite no evidence given. If it was God, then God must be a disgusting person.

And Christians have adopted all the books of Judaism as part of their religion, including the “ways of Mordecai” too. Jews don’t realize that every year they are celebrating the same deeds of the Mordecai against the other nations that Hitler did to them… And yes, this is also a part of Christian Bible… A brutal, terror filled holocaust… Even more so, historically the Church has been the most dedicated adherent to this principle… So to say – Whatever we do it is God’s Will and God works with our hands behind the scene… And right now, it is another Abrahamic Religion, that is actively using and glorifying this way of thinking.

And guess what!? Mordecai DID LABEL FIRST HIS CRITIQUES AND THAN SLAUGHTERED THEM IN SELF DEFENSE… What a wonderful story. Just “filled with Godly deeds”…

Luckily, the Enlightenment has taken away the secular power from the Church… And Jews are to small in numbers to do it again… Only that they are waiting for their Messiah, who will sort everything out “in Godly ways”… So, the only true bearers of “this Abrahamic “Gem”” in modern world is Islam… And also, the scholars of the Universities, journalists etc. They are just using a modified version… Sometimes, when I listen to scholars and social activists and politicians, I have a feeling that I live in the world of absurdity.

One of the biggest problems with Islam, concerning this all, is that Islam never will be able to get rid of this “Abrahamic Curse of Matrixianism” because Muhammad managed to ensure that it became prescribed by Allah Himself in the Quran, while in Judaism and Christianity it is more like interpretation of certain events from their books… But in Islam (in the Quran) all this way of dealing with the critiques is prescribed to “believers” by “Allah Himself”…

Russians have an ancient saying regarding this all which perfectly describes this way of acting. And this saying teaches this – The one shouting “Catch the Thief” louder of all is the Thief himself.”… And we live in the world where this approach, begotten by Abrahamic Religions (and Judaism first of all…, please, don’t tell the Jews I said this…, or they will feel compelled to make sure I will regret having said this …, pretty much as would Muslims too…), is being used throughout all levels. And those who accuse others of McCarthyism more often than not are McCarthy-like persons themselves

The thing is, it always works… It is known in the modern world as part of the propaganda… The question is – what they are afraid of? What do they have to hide, if a mere request of such information has caused an outrage in media? This seemed to be such a small matter… until the Universities reacted… But the reaction of them tell us volumes about the problem and that IT ISN’T A SMALL ONE AT ALL

A bit more about the history of this approach in dealings with criticism –  “Allah” in Islam is using precisely the same approach to all who even think they would like to criticize “Allah’s revelations” and orders. Allah labels those who even might criticize Islam and Muhammad’s true intentions as ones THAT ARE spreading lies about “Allah” and Muhammad (AND BY THIS THEY ARE EVEN SAID TO BE FIGHTING THEM BOTH…), and as such they are to be punished by death…

And all that, of course, in self-defence… For those critiques of “the ways of Allah” not only are labelled as haters (as if they are doing it without any rational reason in which nobody of those religious liars is interested in any way…), but as ones that will definitely attack them. So, the best way is to attack them first WITH THE ACCUSATIONS THEY WERE JUST ABOUT TO USE AGAINST THESE PEOPLE… A perfect system. In it the critiques are being labelled as haters and dishonest people and evil people desiring to do some harm “to the good people” (Muslims), so they must be slaughtered and it will be declared to have been done in good faith and in self-defence only.

Where does it teach that in the Quran? There are few such references. I will give you one.


Verses that Muhammad made up to silence the critiques of his???

One such is this.

Sura 33

  1. Verily, those who annoy Allah and His Messenger, Allah has cursed them in this world, and in the Hereafter, and has prepared for them a humiliating torment.

Pay attention – “Allah says” – in this World and Hereafter… And in this World Allah works ONLY with the hands of Muslims…, which “Allah reveals” in Sura 9:14 (which is not the only one in which Allah declares He acts with the hands of “the only true believers”) …

“14. Fight against them so that Allah will punish them by your hands and disgrace them”…

…and the following verses, they are my favorite…

  1. If the hypocrites, and those in whose hearts is a disease, and those who spread false news among the people in Al-Madinah, cease not, We shall certainly let you overpower them, then they will not be able to stay in it as your neighbours but a little while.

  2. Accursed, wherever found, they shall be seized and killed with a (terrible) slaughter.

Make your own decision about what those people “Allah is threatening” are doing and does it sound like a legitimate reason for slaughter… In this instance “Allah seems to be shy” in terms of being specific… The question is – why? And “what is He” speaking about”!?

I know that Muslims have quite a few explanations about “what Allah has meant and what He hasn’t” here and in other such places, but the plain text reveals the true essence and intentions “of Allah Himself”. It is interesting, that in the Matrix it is “not OK” to criticize those who do and teach clear idiotisms, for they know they will lose every single battle of arguments if it will come to that. They say – it offends us… Nobody cares that “Allah is offending” absolutely everyone who isn’t Muslim… Allah declares them worst of creatures and that they eat like some cattle etc. And everyone who accepts Allah accepts those clear offences against non-Muslims as True Facts. But we cannot mention this because it may hurt Muslims…

Am I in a nightmare or is this really happening on a daily basis? 

And for reasons of this kind Muslims and Matrixists have to avoid facing any unmasking questions at all cost. The same applies to these scholars and Abrahamic Religions in general… But no surprise there! After all, we live in the world built on the legacies or on “the Curse of Abrahamic Religions”.


So, the same seems to be the case in this story about the Tory MP (Chris Heaton-Harris ) requesting certain information from the Universities.

If I was the scholar of those Universities, I wouldn’t have any problem providing the information requested. In my view, it is even perfectly normal for an MP to request it, because in order to rule the country the ruling people have to know what is going on in the world. What is in the heads of people, and what is being poured into them… And if it is an information meant to push only one point of view and by forbidding the other, THEN IT WOULD BE A LEGITIMATE CASE FOR RISING THE QUESTION OF MCCARTHYISM… in Universities.

Unfortunately, right now it seems that all things are the other way around. It seems that the Universities, who must be the beacon of freedom and free speech and pluralism, may be the force that is pushing only one point of view, “the only right one” of course, and blocking and declaring illegitimate the others.

Dear Universities, IS THIS THE CASE!? Is this why you are so afraid that you react even before you have any reason to do so?


I have experienced in my life quite a few levels of propaganda and observed how effective it is. One of the latest ones was at the Trade Union conference just days before the Brexit Referendum. This particular Conference was dedicated to the Brexit.

Technically, all views were present. In reality, it was absolutely pure propaganda. The highest leaders of the Trade Union and Labour party were present and they made it clear that they support Remain side of the argument. And this is fine with me. What isn’t fine is that to opposing views were given a very short time and there was not a single, qualified representative of these views of Leavers. We were divided in smaller groups and we discussed some matters behind the closed doors and over very short period of time.  Now it seems to me that it was only to find out what are the main concerns and arguments of those who are supporting the The Leave side.

Anyway, at the very beginning of the Conference we were asked to vote as if in Referendum. I don’t remember precisely, but it was either 50/50 or 60/40 in favor for Leaving.

Than started the main Conference over two days. We were bombarded with one-sided arguments by many different speakers. The opposite views were merely mentioned while “the only right views” were looked at in very high detail. I was listening and thinking that they are all the time providing only some part of any given problem without mentioning many important facts of the reality. For those who don’t know, this is what the Theory of Lying teaches. It states – to make lies look reliable and trustworthy, one has to mix them with some true facts. And when he is speaking, the has to keep his mind FIXED ON THOSE TRUE BITS OF HIS STORY. And than not only it is impossible for the listener to tell that those are lies, but he will have a great feeling that he is being told the truth.

The Propaganda works by the same principle. When you want to manipulate with somebody, you concentrate massively on some true bits of the story and miss others. You blow the part of the views you want to promote out of proportion and keep pushing them and only them. And at some point, the resistance will break and people will give up… Hitler was one of those who also was very much familiar with this. He absolutely believed it.

He said this – Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it. /Adolf Hitler/

And this is precisely what the Trade Union and Labour party did in this Conference. For those who missed it – this is how the Abrahamic Religions work. They make the lies Big, they make it simple, they keep saying it… and leave everything else out. Those people are trapped in propaganda. And in Islam they are even told and warned not to engage in any discussions with others, so that they don’t lose their faith… A True Muslim will never listen to you if you are going to criticize the Quran or anything from Islam. They are open only to information that expresses like to their religion.  The same used to be with the Christianity. With Jews it is more complicated, for they have developed such a vast amount of commentating literature, that after getting through it no one can get out of the swamp anymore.

Needless to say, that at the end of the Conference the voting took place once again. And guess what – only 25% of the participants were willing to Leave the EU. The propaganda has worked.

Another big example of propaganda in the modern world comes from my time in University. I studied Economics. When it came to the tax policies of the country, we slightly touched all major views about them. In short, the taxes can be flat, progressive and regressive. And after that the professor explained that is “broadly accepted” that the best taxes for our economy (in one post-soviet country) at this point are flat taxes. I had the feeling that she herself wasn’t sure that this is true, but it was clear that she had to teach “the only true” ways of thinking. Of course, over next months we were bombarded with arguments supporting “the only right” way…

Of course, some Divergents always jump out. And one such girl decided to declare in her exams that the progressive taxes are the best for all countries and she gave her arguments and explanations. She was rebuked right in this room of examination and she was given low rates of assessment. For “thinking wrongly”…

This is how this world works. Welcome into Matrix.

So, back to these Universities. 

I absolutely believe that professors of the Universities teach their students “the only true way”, which happens to be the same as the Lords of Globalization have.  They are officially unknown to wider public. They prefer to stay in Shadow… They keep pulling the world into Shadow… And for this reason, I strongly believe that those Universities should be checked and investigated concerning this matter.

The time of Matrix is coming to an end… And “the Slaves of Matrix” are trembling in fear…