Hilsborough Disaster, 1989

The Truth. Justice served, people were telling outside the court. But was it? And is it possible in the world we live in today to get to the bottom of all the contributing factors of this disaster, and not only this, ever at all? The emotions keep people blind to certain facts of what is really happening around them. The question is – do we see a whole picture at all?

Without exposing the facts of a whole and broader picture there is no chance to get to the truth, and for this reason to protect ourselves from disasters in the future. Some of those facts may be upsetting for all sides involved and even those remotely concerned.

Every single one of us is safe only if we understand the world around us and act in a safe way. This article is ment to try to disclose some of this knowledge concerning a border picture, aspects that are much more important and stay hidden compared to those we observe as the consequences.  [Read more…]

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