Know The World And Yourself! – Introduction!

The Knowledge!

There are so many words that describe different concepts which we take for granted. In reality though, we each understand nearly all of those concepts quite differently! Some of those words are the Faith, Love, God, Knowledge, you name them!

The problem is, in order to understand each other and to build a better World, we must be sure what we are talking about in every single discussion. And we fail on this more often than not.

Understanding the World is absolutely vital if we are willing to create the World that works for everyone. And so is the understanding of any concepts as it is one of the steps in this Quest.

Of course, understanding the world cannot be achieved by understanding only the concepts. Understanding the World around us is to understand the Principles and Laws that are lied in the basis of our existence. To understand this is important because without that we cannot understand ourselves. And if we don’t understand ourselves, we cannot understand others.

So this understanding I call The True Understanding or the Knowledge.

And in due time I will make more sense of what I mean with all these things.