How One Brexit supporting MP Disturbed the Stinky Waters of British Matrix!

I was amazed about the reaction of some of the media and scholars of Universities when one Tory MP asked Universities to reveal the information concerning Brexit. One of the scholars is even reported to have said that this request sends a shiver down his spine… And I thought, if this University person is delivering an honest and comprehensive and balanced information and looks at all facts from all points of view, why would he have “the chill down his spine”??? Their reaction in general is SO SO SO telling… So, the question right now is – has this MP (Chris Heaton-Harris) disturbed the stinky waters of the British Matrix? And trust me, I am far from being a supporter of Tories.

Mr David Green from the University of Worcester, concerning this request, is reported to have said this – “Was this the beginning of very British McCarthyism?” 

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Rome Was Destroyed By Barbarians! Now the Same is Kicking off in Europe! London Bridge Attack!

Another tragedy has hit Europe and brought terror into hearts of it. Another occasion when slaughtering is being performed by shouting – This is for Allah! Another failure of Europe leaders to start to look into Islamic doctrines, commanded to “true believers” (Muslims only) in the Quran by Allah Himself of how to deal with “disbelievers” (kufirs…), which happened to be all non-Muslims…

Having said that – I know quite a few very decent Muslims and feel sorry to rise this question, BUT IF YOU YOURSELF FAIL TO FACE THE TRUE FACTS about the violence and immorality from the Quran (and even listen to arguments and labeling everyone who tries to help us all…) AND EVERY TIME DO EVERYTHING IN YOUR POWER TO SILENCE THOSE EXPOSING THE ENORMOUS PROBLEMS IN THE QURAN, THAN YOU HELP ONLY TERRORISTS AND MAKE THEM FLOURISH. Please, stop ignoring the reality and start at least listening to the criticism of Quranic doctrines with open mind, for WE ALL WANT A SAFER WORLD AROUND US AND WITHOUT FACING THE TRUTH IT BECOMES IMPOSSIBLE… Basically, ignoring the true facts helps only terrorists and terrorism as such.

So, Rome was famously destroyed by Barbarians, which is a name for other nations… They disrespected Rome. Rome let them in on great numbers (possibly they were looking for a better life but were dragging their own culture with them which was incompatible with Roman ways…) and they subdued Rome and it collapsed under their ways… because at some point there was so many of these Barbarians, genuinely and deeply hating Rome and Romans for their oppression of their countries and ways of life…, that the collapse was to happen inevitably. And the Rome itself was in decline, as it seems to be the case with Europe right now…

Know this – Only those cultures and societies that understand the realities of their time and the nature of human being and recognize the need to protect their livelihoods and culture, only they will survive. [Read more…]

Manchester. Bomb. Another Tale that is Shouting at the Western Deafness. Without Results. Again…

Will the PM (Prime Minister of the UK – Theresa May) agree that this is a perversion of a great religion (aka – way of life…)???… And she would jump up joyfully and… agree…

So what really happened and what lessons should be learned from this attack in Manchester? And will the politicians and journalists ever learn???… [Read more…]

So Trump it is! The “Best Suited Candidate Ever” Has Lost… What is Going on? What to Expect!

Personally I blame creators of Simpsons for this outcome… Joke. But you know what they say – in every joke there is a bit of a joke…

So the Presidency of Trump may also mean, that the prophecies about the 44-th President of the USA (Obama) , also found on this site, must be wrong. But nothing in this world is so simple.

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Eurovision 2016. How Did the UK Do and who and why Won?

Unfortunately, it must be said, and it has been said as long as I remember that – Eurovision is politically orientated. Still, there are always some stories that have not been told. And indeed, did the UK deserve the place it had or should it be higher? [Read more…]

Hilsborough Disaster, 1989

The Truth. Justice served, people were telling outside the court. But was it? And is it possible in the world we live in today to get to the bottom of all the contributing factors of this disaster, and not only this, ever at all? The emotions keep people blind to certain facts of what is really happening around them. The question is – do we see a whole picture at all?

Without exposing the facts of a whole and broader picture there is no chance to get to the truth, and for this reason to protect ourselves from disasters in the future. Some of those facts may be upsetting for all sides involved and even those remotely concerned.

Every single one of us is safe only if we understand the world around us and act in a safe way. This article is ment to try to disclose some of this knowledge concerning a border picture, aspects that are much more important and stay hidden compared to those we observe as the consequences.  [Read more…]

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