Boris Johnson. The Great Disappointment.

Today Boris Johnson has announced he is not taking part into run for Tory leadership. What a disappointment. On one hand by this he said to all who have claimed he supports the Leave only to get into office. On the other hand maybe he sees further, he plans further… Or maybe he has been betrayed by his most close allies and felt abandoned and gave up… Or maybe there are so many other reasons, like him talking to actively about the social justice etc., that has angered some key sponsors and the whole party had turned their backs on him??? Who are we to know…  [Read more…]

What About Jeremy Corbyn In Relation To The Outcome Of The Referendum? Should He Go Or Should He Stay…?

A am no longer a fan of Jeremy Corbyn. He appears not to be the man who he was before he was elected. Probably he realized he can not do anything if behind him there are rebels who rebel against any of his decision, pretty much in the same manner as he himself once did. But I would like to talk about the request for him to resign or demanding the vote of confidence due to the outcome of the Referendum, I have only this to say to those pushing for that – ALL LABOUR LEADING POLITICIANS ARE OUT OF TOUCH AND HAVE NO CLUE AND CARE ABOUT WHO IS IN CHARGE. A SLIGHT REMINDER – THE NATION IS. AND YOU ARE COMPLETELY DEAF TO THEM… IT SEEMS THAT THEY ARE ONLY SOME KIND OF MEET FOR THEM GOOD ONLY FOR GETTING YOU ELECTED. AND IN THIS WAY LABOUR POLITICIANS ARE ABSOLUTELY THE SAME AS THE CONSERVATIVES. NO WONDER THEY KEEP LOSING IN ELECTIONS. WHAT I AM SURPISED ABOUT IS – WHY THEY NEVER LEARN??? But the main topic in this post STILL is – Is Jeremy Corbyn to blame for the outcome of the Brexit or not?!  [Read more…]

52 versus 48! What does it tell us!

I think the message is very, very clear! Even though many may think that it is a tiny victory, it is far from that. I will explain why.

Whoever is familiar with the nature of human mind, will understand, that fears have on the minds of human beings a very strong effect. People become irrational when facing them. And this has been really heavily used by the Remain campaigners. The amount of lies and fear planting into hearts of people has been simply disgusting. For this reason, for all the lies that have been said, at least 2 people should leave their positions. Those are David Cameron and George Osborne. [Read more…]

The Brexit campaign! The Proof of the Lack of Democracy? What is the Democracy anyway?

Do you know what it means and what it should mean, this Democracy? Unfortunately, if you move closer to what this concept really means, or what it should mean, you would realize, that there is no democracy in today’s world at all, despite political leaders announcing the opposite and being proud of it. And the way the Brexit campaign is being conducted is just another proof of that. [Read more…]

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Is Ken Livingston an Anti-Semite? Who Hates Who, that is the question!

We live in a very strange democracies and freedoms. Have I told you that we live in a world of lies and pretending and senseless punishments? If the answer is -no, than you have not read my blog post called Hillsborough Disaster 1989. And in my view this story is just another excellent example of bullycracy instead of democracy in action. [Read more…]

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A Very Sad Day for Labour! Will Jeremy Corbyn Follow Clegg?

Jeremy Corbyn.

I voted for Jeremy at the Labour leadership election. He truly seemed to be head and shoulders above anybody in Labour party. Honest, straight speaking, right? [Read more…]