How One Brexit supporting MP Disturbed the Stinky Waters of British Matrix!

I was amazed about the reaction of some of the media and scholars of Universities when one Tory MP asked Universities to reveal the information concerning Brexit. One of the scholars is even reported to have said that this request sends a shiver down his spine… And I thought, if this University person is delivering an honest and comprehensive and balanced information and looks at all facts from all points of view, why would he have “the chill down his spine”??? Their reaction in general is SO SO SO telling… So, the question right now is – has this MP (Chris Heaton-Harris) disturbed the stinky waters of the British Matrix? And trust me, I am far from being a supporter of Tories.

Mr David Green from the University of Worcester, concerning this request, is reported to have said this – “Was this the beginning of very British McCarthyism?” 

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Manchester. Bomb. Another Tale that is Shouting at the Western Deafness. Without Results. Again…

Will the PM (Prime Minister of the UK – Theresa May) agree that this is a perversion of a great religion (aka – way of life…)???… And she would jump up joyfully and… agree…

So what really happened and what lessons should be learned from this attack in Manchester? And will the politicians and journalists ever learn???… [Read more…]

Brexit Negotiations! Immigrants – the bargaining chip?

The immigrants… A very hot topic, for some reason, in the so-called Brexit negotiation process between the UK and the EU! Why is it so hot and isn’t there many more important things to think about, and why this one seems to be so painful and controversial and early in negotiation process?
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Project “Fear” Is Over. Project “Punishment” Has Come.

23 of June will remain in British history. Interestingly, it was a summer Solstice day… It is not clearly understood and appreciated now, but one day it will. The Day of Independence, as Nigel Farage has put it… This vote may serve as a reason for another Bonfire night (because in many nations it is being celebrated since times impossible to remember…), possibly, in the future…??? And this is only beginning of the great changes for whole Europe. But this is not the point for this post. Project “Punishment” is… [Read more…]

Boris Johnson. The Great Disappointment.

Today Boris Johnson has announced he is not taking part into run for Tory leadership. What a disappointment. On one hand by this he said to all who have claimed he supports the Leave only to get into office. On the other hand maybe he sees further, he plans further… Or maybe he has been betrayed by his most close allies and felt abandoned and gave up… Or maybe there are so many other reasons, like him talking to actively about the social justice etc., that has angered some key sponsors and the whole party had turned their backs on him??? Who are we to know…  [Read more…]

Brexit! The Day After Tomorrow!

Tomorrow is THE DAY! Tomorrow the UK decides whether to Remain or to Leave the EU. The main factor that affects anyone’s decision is THE FEAR! The Fear about what will happen after the Leave. And it is true, that, in fact, it is unknowable. This is the reason why the Remainers are heavily and, indeed, very abusively exploit just this to paint an incredibly grim picture of the Day After Tomorrow! And even though there is certain uncertainty, all those scenarios and numbers provided by them are no less than malicious lie. And this blog post is just to try to explain some of those things. And the reason for this post is – WHATEVER are their arguments they DON’T  HOLD WATER!  [Read more…]