What the UK can lose or win (economically) in a case they completely lose the so-called Single Market!? Or who will lose who!

I am an immigrant from the so-called Eastern Europe myself, despite the fact that officially it is a Northern Europe (one of the Baltic states)

You already know that the UK has a trade deficit with the EU of 70 -90 billion pounds…

And all this deficit is from importing things from the EU that you can produce yourself… So, what it would be the UK would lose if it leaves the so-called Single Market altogether?

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So Trump it is! The “Best Suited Candidate Ever” Has Lost… What is Going on? What to Expect!

Personally I blame creators of Simpsons for this outcome… Joke. But you know what they say – in every joke there is a bit of a joke…

So the Presidency of Trump may also mean, that the prophecies about the 44-th President of the USA (Obama) , also found on this site, must be wrong. But nothing in this world is so simple.

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how to lose in the us presidential elections

Donald trump Jr has posted on twitter a tweet that has caused some outrage in social media! It was about Syrian (Muslim) refugees… [Read more…]

How To Deal With The Gap Between The Rich And Poor?

On LBC Radio yesterday was raised a question about how to solve the problem that the gap between the rich and poor is growing and for the first time in recorded history the people of the age of up to 35 will earn less than their parents, or at least something like that! And the Radio presenter, James O’Brien, urged the callers not to blame immigration in any way. Is he right to do that, does he know the true impact of the immigration on all those processes in the society?

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How Tony Blair Ruined The EU! And How Did It Led To Increase Of Racism!

Jeremy Corbyn is being accused of ruining the future of the UK by not having been active enough when advocating the Remain Campaign. But what is the true reason for people to have chosen this path despite enormous amount of lies and scaremongering having been said from both sides of the argument? But is Jeremy really the true reason for this choice? Or maybe it is somebody else like, for instance, Tony Blair…??? Chilcot Inquiry (about the war in the Iraq), right???…

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Project “Fear” Is Over. Project “Punishment” Has Come.

23 of June will remain in British history. Interestingly, it was a summer Solstice day… It is not clearly understood and appreciated now, but one day it will. The Day of Independence, as Nigel Farage has put it… This vote may serve as a reason for another Bonfire night (because in many nations it is being celebrated since times impossible to remember…), possibly, in the future…??? And this is only beginning of the great changes for whole Europe. But this is not the point for this post. Project “Punishment” is… [Read more…]