Rome Was Destroyed By Barbarians! Now the Same is Kicking off in Europe! London Bridge Attack!

Another tragedy has hit Europe and brought terror into hearts of it. Another occasion when slaughtering is being performed by shouting – This is for Allah! Another failure of Europe leaders to start to look into Islamic doctrines, commanded to “true believers” (Muslims only) in the Quran by Allah Himself of how to deal with “disbelievers” (kufirs…), which happened to be all non-Muslims…

Having said that – I know quite a few very decent Muslims and feel sorry to rise this question, BUT IF YOU YOURSELF FAIL TO FACE THE TRUE FACTS about the violence and immorality from the Quran (and even listen to arguments and labeling everyone who tries to help us all…) AND EVERY TIME DO EVERYTHING IN YOUR POWER TO SILENCE THOSE EXPOSING THE ENORMOUS PROBLEMS IN THE QURAN, THAN YOU HELP ONLY TERRORISTS AND MAKE THEM FLOURISH. Please, stop ignoring the reality and start at least listening to the criticism of Quranic doctrines with open mind, for WE ALL WANT A SAFER WORLD AROUND US AND WITHOUT FACING THE TRUTH IT BECOMES IMPOSSIBLE… Basically, ignoring the true facts helps only terrorists and terrorism as such.

So, Rome was famously destroyed by Barbarians, which is a name for other nations… They disrespected Rome. Rome let them in on great numbers (possibly they were looking for a better life but were dragging their own culture with them which was incompatible with Roman ways…) and they subdued Rome and it collapsed under their ways… because at some point there was so many of these Barbarians, genuinely and deeply hating Rome and Romans for their oppression of their countries and ways of life…, that the collapse was to happen inevitably. And the Rome itself was in decline, as it seems to be the case with Europe right now…

Know this – Only those cultures and societies that understand the realities of their time and the nature of human being and recognize the need to protect their livelihoods and culture, only they will survive.

There was a time of Crusades. Not everyone knows and is able to admit that all concepts and ideology of Crusades derived directly from Islamic Jihad. Nothing of this kind existed in Christianity before it. All the major claims and excuses for joining the Holy War and the term of Holy War itself are Islamic doctrines. Without Islamic expansion by sward Europe wouldn’t have woken up ever. So, the Crusades are begotten by Islamic Jihad and were “the younger sister” of it. Only that the two sisters have been hating each other ever since…

The teachings of Jesus are against everything of what Muhammad brought to this world. And to survive, the Church successfully adopted these Islamic doctrines. Let us remember that the first calls for Crusades took place on 1095… It was 300-400 years after the World of Islamic Warlord, aka Muhammad, have consumed two-thirds of the Christian territories and rapidly (and far from willingly) turning them into Islamic societies…  And they had no intention to stop there…

When Muhammad fled the Mecca!?


The Hegira or Hijrah (Arabic: هِجْرَة‎‎) is the migration or journey of the Islamic prophet Muhammad and his followers from Mecca to Yathrib, later renamed by him to Medina, in the year 622.

And this is the time when the true expansion of Islam started. It is THE JIHAD – THE EXPANSION OF ISLAMIC INFLUENCE BY FORCE!

Muhammad is said to have died on 8 June 632 AD, in Medina, in Saudi Arabia. If we start to count the time from here till the first Crusade, than we get the number of around 463 years… until the First Crusade kicked off… AND JIHAD HAS BEEN IN FULL BLOSSOMS FOR ALL OF THIS TIME ALREADY… Interestingly, not only Crusade was born out of Jihad, it mostly was applied only against Muslims… Of curse, later this newly adopted practice served as a great excuse for conquering and subjugating vast territories of the world under Christianity by force, which is in complete opposition to the teachings of Jesus. And as we know there is this Principle of Reflection in the world, that we receive whatever we bring to others… So – violence begets violence…

To understand the Jihad’s influence on Christian thinking and the ideology behind the Crusades, let us read some of the ideological concepts of Crusades:

  1. It is a war in the name of God and the only True religion and to oppress all other faiths…
  2. It is called a Holy War, even though I don’t believe for a split second that there can be any war that can be called Holy…
  3. Slaughtering of all “non-believers” and raping their women and enslaving them altogether is prescribed in the Quran itself by Allah Himself… So Crusaders adopted these too…
  4. Disrespect of accidental killings of children and women – from what Muhammad Himself said and did… – Hadith! All who disagree with the concepts of ruling religious leaders are called disbelievers and worthy only for death – basically, the principle was set into motion (possibly Muhammad adapted this from Christianity itself…, and later is has been used all across the world by many insane and cruel political movements like Red Khemrs, Hitlers fascists and Communists etc…) – who is not with us is against us… Only that it was truly represented by Islamic expansion known as the Jihad and this approach was made a part of religion from Allah Himself.
  5. God is with those who are victorious on the battlefield and these victories prove them correct…
  6. I definitely have forgotten many other factors that were used bu Islamic Jihad and later adopted by Christian Crusades. All evil regimes tend to use the same excuses and practices regardless of where and from who they claim their ideologies come from… – Basically – you will recognize the goodness or the badness of any movement by their activities and principles they are following. And Quranic message has a full range of those evil teachings… – death for not accepting them…, death for accepting and not taking part in fighting…, death for criticizing their doctrines…, command to spread only one message and “in only one wrapping” (known in the modern world as propaganda)…, death for leading away from this “only true message”…, full obedience and unquestionable loyalty required…, death for making friends with those who are not an ally with you…,  If it sounds to you like Hitlers Germany, than there is a very good reason for that…

The interesting and important thing to keep in mind before we even start is this – Crusades have died. They died as a result of spiritual and intellectual Awakening of Secular Europe. The Church was stripped of the secular power and was forced to return to true teachings of Jesus – peaceful preaching and tolerance and forgiveness. Interestingly, Jihad HAS NEVER DIED, AS IT IS PRESCRIBED BY ALLAH and all “true believers” are commanded to fight until all religion is for Allah in the most holy book of Islam – in the Quran. And in Islam returning to the roots of the religion is to turn from peaceful coexistence to violent subjugation of all “non-believers” under the only Religion of Truth – Islam, naturally…

So, Jihad has never been abandoned… Islamic world has been dreaming of taking over and becoming victorious over the Western world, Christian or Secular… They have been hating the West and HATRED IS PRESCRIBED IN THE QURAN BY ALLAH towards “non-believers”!

I will repeat for those who have failed to grasp the message so far – Jihad has never been abandoned. Jihad has been dormant.  BUT NOT ANYMORE. NOW IT HAS BEEN AWAKENED LIKE A DRAGON AND LET OUT OF THE BOTTLE LIKE A JINN…

And it is the stupidity of the Western political leaders that Awakened it, FOR IT IS THEIR SHORTCOMINGS AND INABILITY TO UNDERSTAND THAT DID IT… And not only they awakened it, they did the stupidest thing they possibly could – they opened the doors of their own houses and let this Trojan Horse inside their own gates… And even worse – they keep shushing and shaming and blaming all those that ring alarm bells.

ISLAM IS NOT COMPATIBLE WITH ANY OTHER SOCIETY FOR ITS CORE INTENTION IS TO DESTROY ALL OTHERS IN THE NAME OF ALLAH AND MAKE THE WHOLE WORLD SUCCUMB AND BOW DOWN TO NON-EXISTING GOD ALLAH. If a Being called Allah exists, it must be nobody else but a Demon. And it is a blasphemy to prescribe all the sexual and violent filth found in the Quran and coming directly from Him to a Supreme and Holy Being which is God! Once gain, Dear Muslims – if you are not able and willing to face the Truth and listen to the arguments confirming it, than maybe you know this all deep inside of you and you are afraid to be disposed. It would mean that you live in a fragile state of self-deceit and are ready to fight any attempt to challenge the true message of the Quran rather than to face the Truth. And that makes the Islam a religion of lies and ignorance, for you reject true and genuine discussions.

I will give you an example. I talked to a very decent Muslim man and raised the question about Quran being violent and immoral and wanted to prove this to him by quoting and explaining how it works in connection with the nature of the mind of human being. He refused to listen and started to claim (even without listening) that this is wrong interpretation and that he will provide me with the only correct Islamic commentaries on everything. He said that the Quran must be read only in the light of these correct commentaries…

Very quickly I realized that he is not going to listen to me and will be pushing only one view. He is not going to listen to facts that the same book (QURAN) creates the terrorist understanding and ideology. INTERESTING AND IMPORTANT FACT IS THAT HE (and most so-called peaceful Muslims in general) COMPLETELY REJECTS THE QURAN’S CLEAR MESSAGE  AND CALL IT AN INTERPRETATION (and refuse to listen to facts) AND AT THE SAME TIME BRINGS UP THE INTERPRETATION CALLING IT THE TRUE ESSENCE OF THE QURAN… I will repeat to make sure everyone understands this correctly – The so-called peaceful Muslims reject clear and precise instructions of the Quran as interpretation and replace them with interpretations calling them the true message of the Quran.

Once more – they reject literal and clear message of the Quran by calling it an interpretation and offer a real interpretation as a literal meaning of the Quran…

As a matter of fact, THEY DEMAND THAT EVERYONE READS INTERPRETATION AS THE TRUE MEANING OF THE QURAN AND REJECT THE QURAN ITSELF. And by this they reject what Allah has said – this is a clear book and guidance… on many occasions. But “the true believers” read the Quran and understand it correctly…

I do understand the peaceful Muslims for doing this, because IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO GET OUT OF THE QURAN ANY OTHER MESSAGE THAN A CALL FOR VIOLENCE AND IMMORALITY. So, by reading only interpretations, they create the environment in the Islam THEY WANT THE QURAN TO BE DELIVERING. And because they are being brought up in this interpretation, than this is the only way of Islam they know. So they are so filled with this interpreted peaceful message, that they fully and genuinely believe that their interpretation is the only true message of Islam. But they are wrong. And the huge number of violence and immorality supporters within Muslim societies proves just that.

It would be nice if this peaceful interpretation solved the problem of violence and immorality in all Islamic groups. But guess what – everyone can take the Quran and read what is says. And for this reason vast portions of Muslims completely reject those peaceful interpretations as hypocrisy… And hypocrites are to be killed… Exactly what Islamic State fighters are doing…

So, the Truth is  that THERE IS NO PEACEFUL VERSES IN THE QURAN (not a single one, and I will prove that in another blog dedicated just to this matter). Quranic message can be peaceful and moral only in interpretations. And without interpretations Quranic message is understandable only in as violent and immoral.

These peaceful interpretations actually nearly always seem to be absolutely illogical combinations of reasons that are supposed to prove that violence and immorality in the Quran is not what it seems to be but in fact it is a complete opposite of that… If we take the Quran itself as it stands, it is VERY CLEARLY BRUTAL AND IMMORAL WAY OF SUBJUGATION OF THE REST OF THE WORLD UNDER THE RULE OF ISLAM. ISLAM IS A RELIGION OF FIGHT AND COMPLETE OPPRESSION OF EVERYONE, EVEN MUSLIMS THEMSELVES, WHICH WE CLEARLY SEE IN COUNTRIES LIKE SAUDI ARABIA, PAKISTAN ETC. THERE IS NO OTHER WAY THAT THE QURAN CAN BE UNDERSTOOD IF YOU READ THE QURAN ALONE. IT TRULY IS VERY CLEAR. AND PEACEFUL MUSLIMS ARE TERRIFIED ABOUT THIS, SO THEY WILL DO EVERYTHING THEY CAN TO STOP ANYONE TO SPEAK ABOUT THIS. Only that this plays nicely in hand to the terrorists… And we are going to look into all Islamic problems (cruelty and oppression and immorality)  and excuses and the realities of the Quranic text itself.

back to the Jihad and Crusades

So, Islam has been let into Europe, and its ideology is starting to bring more and more fruits… The video of realities that shows only a tiny part of how THE CHANGE is developing (that politicians and journalists keep ignoring…) you can watch here!

ROME WAS DESTROYED BY BARBARIANS that were let inside the Rome. Their numbers grew and the strength of Rome kept diminishing. And this is exactly what is happening to Europe right now. Remember, Barbarians didn’t even have any ideology to destroy Rome… Islam has…

There will come times when the politicians that are allowing this to develop will be held at account. Possibly even face the same fate as the Romanian leader of Soviet times – Nicolae Ceaușescu (Chaushesku)! The crowd lynched him and his wife for all the crimes committed towards their own society!

No society is capable to survive if it is incapable to protect its culture. Europe is dying. And politicians keep pretending everything is ok. Possibly, they will do this till some Muslims will come to their own houses and throw them out or force them to join Islam and become suicide bombers…

It is NOT IF, but WHEN Europe will wake up to this threat and start to reorganize itself. The great division of societies is on its way. One must be not a clairvoyant to see that all societies will be divided into Muslim and Non-Muslim zones… Muslim to be means to follow the Allah’s Cause – which happened to be Jihad… And it has been awakened… And it is on its move.

Sometimes I got this feeling that I am in the middle of “the Lord of the Rings”… The EVIL is on its rise… We cannot afford to be ignorant of it.

I could provide you with many CLEAR PIECES OF THE QURAN COMMANDING THE VIOLENCE AND SUBJUGATION OF NON-MUSLIMS, but will only quote few in this post. These quotes should prove that Allah is a God of Terror!

The “Noble” Quran,  Sura (8) Al-Anfal (The Spoils of War)

8. That He might cause the truth to triumph and bring falsehood to nothing, even though the Mujrimun (disbelievers, polytheists, sinners, criminals, etc.) hate it.

9. (Remember) when you sought help of your Lord and He answered you (saying): “I will help you with a thousand of the angels each behind the other (following one another) in succession.”

10. Allah made it only as glad tidings, and that your hearts be at rest therewith. And there is no victory except from Allah. (This verse explains that whoever has physical victory on a battlefield has Allah’s backing…) Verily, Allah is All-Mighty, All-Wise.

11. (Remember) when He covered you with a slumber as a security from Him, and He caused water (rain) to descend on you from the sky, to clean you thereby and to remove from you the Rijz (whispering, evil-suggestions, etc.) of Shaitan (Satan), and to strengthen your hearts, and make your feet firm thereby. (This verse is so utterly blur and senseless…, that only some very illiterate and with low intelligence could have produced it…)

12. (Remember) when your Lord inspired the angels, “Verily, I am with you, so keep firm those who have believed. I WILL CAST TERROR INTO THE HEARTS OF THOSE WHO HAVE DISBELIEVED, so strike them over the necks, and smite over all their fingers and toes.” (Very spiritually inspiring verse… by Allah. But read the next one to understand why this will be applied to them…)

13. This is because they defied and disobeyed Allah and His Messenger. And whoever defies and disobeys Allah and His Messenger, then verily, Allah is Severe in punishment.

As you see, these verses reveal quite a few Quranic messages concerning what and why and how must be done by Islamic societies, by Muslims.

  1. In verse 8 and 9 – it confirms that the religion of  Truth is being confirmed by being victorious in physical fighting against disbelievers… (this is not the only place stating that in the Quran)
  2. In verse 8 – disbelievers are announced to be haters… And whoever hates Islam and Muhammad’s message, he is perceived as a hater of Muhammad (and Allah as a logical extension) and Muslims… So, the hidden message of this is – would you not fight those who hate you? Whoever hates Islam, hates Muslims, and as such HE MUST PROBABLY WANTS TO ATTACK THEM…, So, it would be only logical to attack them first… And this is exactly what Quran teaches in Sura 9, which supersedes all other Suras as it has been revealed as one of the latest. (this is not the only place stating that in the Quran)
  3. In verses 12 and 13 – Allah calls to attack disbelievers FOR BEING DISBELIEVERS…, AND PROMISES TO HELP BY CASTING TERROR INTO THEIR HEARTS… Only that we have to realize that Allah’s hands are too short to do it by Himself, and He needs the hands of Muslims (Sura 9:14, see a quote underneath) to carry out those attacks that will cast terror into the hearts of DISBELIEVERS… There are in total 4 verses where Allah promises to cast terror into hearts of disbelievers, and all those are commands to attack them for being disbelievers… The blog-post about all terror verses is on its way and will be available soon.

There are some who say that this terror is being brought by Allah and Allah is in a position to do whatever and however He desires. For this reason, according to them, it has nothing to do with Muslims and Muslims are not commanded to commit acts of terror. But this is refuted by the Quranic (Allah’s) own explanations about how Allah WORKS! And here it is!

The “Noble” Quran, Sura (9) At-Taubah (The Repentance)

14. Fight against them so that Allah will punish them by your hands and disgrace them and give you victory over them and heal the breasts of a believing people,…

So, as you see, Allah works with the hands of “true believers” – which happened to be Muslims only. And Allah WILL CAST TERROR INTO HEARTS OF THOSE WHO HAVE DISBELIEVED AND THE REASON FOR THIS TERROR IS THEIR DISBELIEF AND DEFIANCE TO ALLAH AND MUHAMMAD, which means – to Muhammad only…

The “Noble” Quran, 8. Sura Al-Anfal (The Spoils of War)

17. You killed them not, but Allah killed them. And you (Muhammad) threw not when you did throw but Allah threw, that He might test the believers by a fair trial from Him. Verily, Allah is All-Hearer, All-Knower.

As you see, both these verses point out that Allah works with the hands of Muslims, and whatever Muslims commit, it is not they, but Allah doing… This makes Islam the best slaughtering machine ever, for these doctrines take away the guilty consciousness for killing innocent people. And Allah announces, that disbelievers (those who DO NOT ACCEPT ALLAH AND MUHAMMAD AND ISLAM) are not innocent… Do you remember the reason for attacking “disbelievers”?

The “Noble” Quran,  Sura (8) Al-Anfal (The Spoils of War)

13. This is because they defied and disobeyed Allah and His Messenger. And whoever defies and disobeys Allah and His Messenger, then verily, Allah is Severe in punishment.


9. Sura At-Taubah (The Repentance)

1. Freedom from (all) obligations (is declared) from Allah and His Messenger to those of the Mushrikun (polytheists, pagans, idolaters, disbelievers in the Oneness of Allah), with whom you made a treaty.

2. So travel freely (O Mushrikun – see V.2:105) for four months (as you will) throughout the land, but know that you cannot escape (from the Punishment of) Allah, and Allah will disgrace the disbelievers.

3. And a declaration from Allah and His Messenger to mankind on the greatest day (the 10th of Dhul-Hijjah – the 12th month of Islamic calendar) that Allah is free from (all) obligations to the Mushrikun (see V.2:105) and so is His Messenger. So if you (Mushrikun) repent, it is better for you, but if you turn away, then know that you cannot escape (from the Punishment of) Allah. And give tidings (O Muhammad) of a painful torment to those who disbelieve.

4. Except those of the Mushrikun with whom you have a treaty, and who have not subsequently failed you in aught, nor have supported anyone against you. So fulfill their treaty to them to the end of their term. Surely Allah loves Al- Mattaqun (the pious – see V.2:2).

5. Then when the Sacred Months (the Ist, 7th, 11th, and 12th months of the Islamic calendar) have passed, then kill the Mushrikun (see V.2:105) wherever you find them, and capture them and besiege them, and prepare for them each and every ambush. But if they repent and perform As-Salat (Iqamat-as-Salat), and give Zakat, then leave their way free. Verily, Allah is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful.

As you see, in verse 4 Allah makes exception and allows to keep an agreement with one group… This agreement has expired long time ago… With the rest of Disbelievers (all non-Muslims) with whom they may have any agreements Allah has granted freedom to Muhammad and Muslims…

Than comes some verses as if implying that “disbelievers” (in general, implying that this is because they are disbelievers) are not loyal to their agreements anyway and if have chance they will attack Muslims… And this is followed by a condition in which they can be forgiven – accept Islam…

11. But if they repent, perform As-Salat (Iqamat-as-Salat) and give Zakat, then they are your brethren in religion.

What is the reason to fight? Self defense? Wrong!

29. Fight against those who (1) believe not in Allah, (2) nor in the Last Day, (3) nor forbid that which has been forbidden by Allah and His Messenger (4) and those who acknowledge not the religion of truth (i.e. Islam) among the people of the Scripture (Jews and Christians), until they pay the Jizyah with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued.

This is a clear verse where Allah commands to fight and subjugate Christians and Jews. And there is no sign of any self-defense whatsoever. This verse also do not attach the command to any particular area or time as some Muslim scholars sometimes try to interpret this place. After all, who would you believe- a clear instruction from Allah of some weak-minded Muslim scholar who fails to admit that the fighting has been prescribed to him? And this is exactly what the terrorists on the London Bridge did. And they are far from being just a few with these views. So, anyone who rejects that the Quran clearly commands violent subjugation of all non-Muslims is either lying or deluded and protects his delusion by playing an offended person when pointed this out.


There are many excuses of so-called peaceful Muslims about these verses that they mean not what they seem to mean… The problem is – far too many Muslims and ISLAMIC PREACHERS see exactly in them what they seem to deliver… Allah Himself in the Quran states – this IS A CLEAR GUIDANCE TO YOU…. And in this way the so-called peaceful Muslims only provide a chance of survival of this evil message. For whenever you let Islam into your society, than inevitably, sooner or later, some minds of Muslims will be poisoned by the true message of the Quran. And the violence and rapes of non-Muslims women will break out. There is no escape of these atrocities in Islamic societies!

And right now their main goal is to bring on its knees the whole Western World. And all Muslims, peaceful or not, are on the same accord with this desire!

Other violent verses?

Anyone can googly this phrase “109 violent verses of the Quran” and see for himself. And again, do not trust what is written there, but go and read the Quran itself and try to see what Allah Himself wanted to deliver… Do not take for granted neither critics of Islam nor supporters. The verses you can find here.


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