Manchester. Bomb. Another Tale that is Shouting at the Western Deafness. Without Results. Again…

Will the PM (Prime Minister of the UK – Theresa May) agree that this is a perversion of a great religion (aka – way of life…)???… And she would jump up joyfully and… agree…

So what really happened and what lessons should be learned from this attack in Manchester? And will the politicians and journalists ever learn???…

In this case I would like to stress not the Religion itself, about which I have no doubt that it is clearly and utterly violent and oppressive and filled with hatred and revenge especially towards non-believers, who happened to be non-Muslims only… There should be not a shadow of doubt that without this religion of Peace most of those people would never ever come to such decision as to blow themselves up and take with them as many lives as possible.

And trust me, I have a clear proof of that. And the only source for that proof I use is the Quran or the Words of Allah Himself… But as I said, this is a story of another time.

This post is about something else. It is about the pathetic and surreal Deafness of the West. And by West I mean the ruling politicians and journalists. The blindness and deafness are so great, that it really seems impossible, only that this nightmare is happening all around us.

They never listen. EVER.

The media are full with discussions about what and why. And it has amazed me that they are so shallow in their understanding of the situation and they even openly declare that they fail to understand it. Even Douglas Murray and radio LBC fail to know and realize and admit the basics of this story. I will explain.

what the media are talking about concerning this case!

I heard them being surprised about why a person whose family was helped out because of the war in Libya have become so hostile to this country and society in general. The answer may surprise you.They (war-torn Muslim societies), actually,  don’t perceive this so-called help as a help at all. What they believe is that the West has destroyed their world. And rightly so.

The West thinks they have helped them because they see and perceive the reality with their own eyes and only according to their own perception. They have helped them only in their own imagination.

Was it not the West that ignited rebellion in the Libya and whole Middle East, leaving behind themselves piles of ruins and heavily divided and bitterly upset societies that are at war within themselves ever since? The West has brought to them lasting poverty, dependency on them and misery in terms of peace too. This is what Libya is now!

what was Libya in Gaddafi’s time!

Let us remember that Libya under Gaddafi was truly flourishing country with completely free medical care and education. People were given spacious flats and houses for free, and they were sent to Western Universities, paid by the state (Gaddafi), also for free.

Even huge number of people from Africa came and earned their living there. So it was a hub that supported vast territories with income and very decent one. I watched a documentary where such African societies shared their memories about Gaddafi times. They showed their big houses build by this money. They have only the warmest memories of that time. Some even admitted that they have been working there illegally on construction sites…  And look at Libya now…

And on top of that Libya served as a stopping gates to African immigration that is flooding right now to the EU. Not only Libya is incapable to stop it, its own people do all they can to get to the West. Only to face some disappointment.

It was a win-win situation for everyone under Gaddafi!

Yes, Gaddafi was a dictator. Yes, he may have been cruel to some rebels. But if there is anyone stupid enough to believe that Libyans are very grateful to the West for removing Gaddafi, he should attend a doctor immediately.

The Western countries have helped them only in their own eyes. In the eyes of ALL LIBYAN PEOPLE THEY HAVE DESTROYED A GREAT AND ECONOMICALLY PROSPEROUS COUNTRY AND SOCIETY, even though they do admit that nobody, including Gaddafi is perfect… But what is it that was given in place of Gaddafi’s state of welfare and peace?

The West helped out and improved the lives of 3 people at the account of millions…

And guess what – the West keeps doing the same in Syria, despite the fact that MOST SYRIANS ARE UP TO TODAY ON ASSAD’S SIDE. And than we let those people, who we have upset and kindled hatred into them (despite the hatred being prescribed to them towards us by Allah in the Quran…) into our countries where they have no chance to assimilate and, frankly, they don’t want to… And we ignore this all. We ignore their feelings, the feelings of local people whose neighborhoods are also culturally raped… We ignore the reality in general…

cultural problem!

Muslims societies are very different from Western. And Gaddafi’s Libya was a special exception. Libyans were very proud to be of this prosperous country. Gaddafi didn’t bend to the Western demands. He always put his country first. Western leaders, actually, tricked him and betrayed. They were happy to enjoy the interest from his wealth, and promised not to interfere if he will give up some weapons. He did.

Then the West ignited rebellion against him which he oppressed harshly. This served as an excuse to the West to bomb him down and which led to his annihilation. We all have seen and still can see the video with Hilary Clinton’s reaction when she was presented with the video of Gaddafi’s murder. It was so utterly disgusting…

After all that war and unrest broke out, many people fled Libya and found themselves in the Europe, including the UK. What they found was horrible for them. Very different weather for them, social houses and the state of a beggar… No pride left. Different culture that is not too friendly and incorporating them. You have no idea how big the difference for those people it was. And how big the fall it was for them from what they had under Gaddafi and now in the UK.

So, they started to hate the West even more than they did before, as we know it is Islamic and coming directly from the Quran – to hate the West. And whole Islamic society is soaked with this hatred and discussions about how great it was under Gaddafi. But media are ignoring it. They are listening only to what they want to hear – that they are great helpers to others… and that those others are or must be incredibly grateful to them for that. Well, welcome into reality – they hate us deeply and genuinely. And they have every ground to do that.

I can say this with very high confidence! I used to grow up in soviet Union. Today, officially in media in the West, the Soviet Union is being depicted as a very terrible place. I was 19 when it collapsed. And I remember very clearly the times when there still were no sign of collapse, before Gorbachev. And so do most of the ordinary people. And guess what – 9 out of 10 of them, even from those that are having a good and decent life in post Soviet times, say that the Soviet times were much better. And they mention many reasons for that. First of all, people felt much more happy and they had this sense of community, of belonging to it. Now, everyone is a wolf to another. They are friends only in good times and if they need each other. And societies are divided on a great scale. The poverty and insecurity of your own life and the life of your own children is permanently at risk…

There is no denying that Soviet Union, especially at its beginnings, has committed many crimes and has been quite an oppressive regime. They ruined lives of many. But than again let us remember what the Russia was like before Soviet times. enormous poverty and deprivation of masses. And the same is now, after the collapse of the Soviet Union. And so it is many post-Soviet countries. Few are the winners, while vast masses are losers.

People have a very real nostalgia for the Soviet times…

But you will never hear this in media. And the younger generation who agree with this labeling of Soviet times, they only know what they have been told in school about Soviet times. they simply reflect the info they have been fed. And they are fed only one THE ONLY CORRECT INFO ABOUT THAT TIME. And it is a lie.

And the same is with Libya and other Muslim countries. Media follow the logic of Hitler, who  said this – make the lies big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it…

So, this is exactly what the Western Media are doing. They keep telling themselves and others THE ONLY CORRECT STORY… I know this method as a propaganda. The problem is – the media and politicians have been repeating it for so long that they have believed in this themselves to such level, that they are genuine when expressing their views. This PHENOMENON is known in psychology as A SELF-DECEIT. 

When I think of this I feel like I am living in a Matrix. The system of certain views has a power on its own. This system is creating people of certain views and only lets THE CORRECTLY THINKING PEOPLE IN POLITICAL POWER AND MEDIA. If there are some who accidentally are out of this influence (on some issues), like Nigel Farage, Marine Lepen, Geert Wilders etc, they are being ridiculed and labeled by THE RULING MEDIA…, and will never get to power.

And so it is with the stories of how grateful the Libyans are to the West for THIS LIBERATION…

the personality issues of the Manchester’s suicide bomber…

In the first days after the act of terrorism we were told by some of those who knew the terrorist that he was short-tempered and gullible (naive)… To understand the deepness of these statements one must have a truly deep insight into psychology and the realities of this world.

The thing is that people don’t realize how telling these statements are. Short-temperateness is an inherited quality of a certain society. And those people tend “burn quickly” and “burn for long”.

This becomes especially dangerous in combination with naivety. Only those who have experienced some injustice and bullying in his childhood normally can understand what was said by this statement that the guy was naive. To earn such a quality one must be quite famous for that.

It is not that I think it is something bad. Actually, I even think that the guy has been brought up in environment where people mean what they say. It rather proves certain honesty and decency in the society he was brought up.

Unfortunately, we live in quite ignorant and cruel society when it comes to spiritual suffering. People, especially youngsters, tend to have a great fun out of those who are naive. And often it is very painful to those who suffer. And nobody cares about it. Only, that the bitterness in such person can start to grow and develop levels when he hates those mocking him so greatly, that he can think of nothing but taking a painful revenge.

If he is in a religion that supports violence and revenge and divides people into “us and them”, and on top of that he could have some people encouraging him to do just that, than you have a perfect formula and recipe of a ready suicide bomber.

Interestingly, that this guy is the last one to blame for the atrocity!!! I will explain.

First, those people who put on suicide vest are forced to do that. And this enforcement can be simply clear bullying into it or, he can be damaged and tortured mentally by some things around him that made him see in this the only solution.

In Manchester bomber’s case it is many aspects that came together and created him mentally sick first of all and then the other aspects of his life kept pushing him towards suffering and thoughts of a revenge. First thing is Islamic tenets themselves. Second is the Western destructive policies in his home country. Third is the rejection of him in the Western societies, especially some kind of bullying at school by Westerners and abusing his naivety. Forth is some people surrounding him with the same views who themselves would be incapable to put this vest on, let alone blow themselves up. But they knew the state of mind of this person, and they fully abused it.

I believe in the Afterlife. I truly believe. And I believe that our religious beliefs will play no role in how we will be judged, how we called God and which prophets accepted. We will only be judged by what we have brought to this world, by what we have given people around us – peace and happiness and relief, or war, suffering and terror…

Interestingly, that knowing the state and situation of this guy, I believe he could be forgiven, in my view, whereas many of those who pushed him towards this step will pay a full price in Afterlife for every tear they have caused.

another thing

The terrorist is reported to have said that he thinks that the suicide attacks are ok… Some point out that this must have been a very clear signal to authorities. Actually I absolutely disagree with that. There is huge number of Muslims who believe the same thing and would never be capable to commit this kind of atrocity. We all know people with strange views and, frankly, with stupid rhetoric. For instance, there are some people who can state that they would have shot all the Muslims and Africans. And it is nothing more than so-called “kitchen bravery” and they would feel very ashamed if their lexicon behind the closed doors was disclosed without their consent. So this phrase of this guy would mean nothing to authorities.


We live in the world filled with lies and pretending. And profanity. And ignorance.

We see things around us and we don’t understand them. We speak for speaking sake, for the sake of looking better than others. this is the world of idiotic and spiritual blindness and deafness.

The existing path is A CULTURAL SUICIDE OF EUROPE.




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