Brexit Negotiations! Immigrants – the bargaining chip?

The immigrants… A very hot topic, for some reason, in the so-called Brexit negotiation process between the UK and the EU! Why is it so hot and isn’t there many more important things to think about, and why this one seems to be so painful and controversial and early in negotiation process?

The thing is, we have heard nothing much about any other topic concerning this process of the divorce. It even has been named as The Bargaining Chip in the negotiations. And this is very strange indeed. I even see this particular question as being one that has the smallest importance of all… Still, around 3 million EU immigrants and about 1 Million Britons are involved in this process. And they form quite a big proportion of the voters, especially for the UK. And for this reason it can become quite sensitive, even though it seems to have a small or no weight whatsoever in the negotiations.

Maybe the EU officials have realised that this question about immigrants is the only real leverage in discussions with the UK that they can truly use. And so does the politicians of the UK. No wonder the PM of the UK (Mrs Theresa May) wants to take it off the table before the real negotiations start… Only to realise that the EU is going “to play dirty”, as it should be expected from dishonest and desperate freaks.

Actually, this question can prove to be the one that can block the whole package…

what would I do if I was a PM of the UK

What the PM and the UK in general have to achieve here is, to liberate themselves from this problem. And there is only one way how you deal with this bully we know as the EU – you act righteously regardless of how they do.

If the politicians of the UK enter “this filthy game” on their conditions and start to use their principles against them, they can only lose. Do you know the joke about arguing with the idiot? It goes like this and starts with a very valuable advice indeed – Don’t start arguing with the idiot! Because idiot will make sure you sink to his level (of filth) and then he will beat you with experience…

Basically, this joke (and in every joke there is only a part of a joke…) teaches us that whenever you start to retaliate and use the same approach to those who are acting dishonestly towards you, you become as unworthy as they are. And don’t be surprised if you will lose in this fight with “these tools”, for those people are experienced in this field and they and they know exactly how to beat you if you will accept the challenge and start to play dirty.

It is funny, but they will accuse you for doing something they themselves have been using against you all the time. And, by the way, this is exactly what the West is doing with Russia… but remember, how President Putin responded to the expulsion of Russian diplomats from the US in his last days in the office? Yes, he did not respond with the same approach and the World applauded and with this Putin came out of this as a clear winner in the eyes of ordinary people… So, politicians of the Uk should do the same.

But what it means in this situation with the immigrants in the Brexit negotiations!?

It means, that the UK is doing what would be the right thing to the immigrants from the EU regardless of what the EU is doing with their immigrants from the UK.

If in this situation the EU plays dirty, they will only disgrace themselves and the UK will look very good in the eyes of ordinary people. And their own actions will make them look as a part of something evil in the eyes of ordinary people across the whole EU… And this will liberate the hands of the UK in these negotiations. So, don’t be afraid of being righteous… Don’t enter the game on their terms, don’t accept the rules of this game by starting to act in the same way they act towards you.

After all, don’t you know – the God is the God of Righteousness… (and of the Righteous Ones as a natural extension to that…)

is immigration good or bad for the economics?!

It very much depends on what you want to see in it, which opinion you want to support!!!

This tends to be one of the what-it-seems-to-be the strongest argument in support of the immigration. The supporters of this view keep naming many benefits for the country’s economy and every individual alike. Among those arguments are things like cheaper prices for consumers as those immigrants are ready to work for lower wages… Another argument is that it makes the economy grow… And they are correct stating that… There are some more, and in due time we will address all of them. Only that it is a very small part of the whole picture.

The thing is, that small shortage of the workforce is actually very healthy for the economy. It helps the best people to earn the biggest money. In case of vast immigration, nobody cares about anyones performance and his accuracy at work. Basically, the best workers are not recognized, as there are such an overload of equally good and desperate workers from other countries, that forces down the wages and keeps them low for everyone. So the immigration truly damages those that are doing ordinary jobs. But the Free Market should mean, that a shortage in certain workforce is rising their salaries and forcing employers to find better ways to organize jobs… With high immigration they are free do as they please, without even thinking – they simply have to demand and fire, and replace the old ones with new ones and keep those guys in permanent fear for their jobs.

So, it means, that many decent but ordinary common workers will never get a better life despite working very hard. And they will never have enough money to play with so they will not be able to invest into education of themselves and their children and spend on services.

This effect on services has been very underestimated. Paupers, also those that are in full employment…, tend not to spend anything on things like barbers, local restaurants, traveling, cars… All those things are vital for economy. All those sectors tend to be covered by small businesses. And for them it is very important to have a shortage in the offer of services. For than they can get out of them the most efficient operation, which means not only a better earnings and profits for all of those involved in these services, but helps to reduce the prices in general, as a good turnover is very vital for benefit of all sides involved…, including the provider of the service, the customer and the state…

People who have good earning prospects tend to be employed and interested in decent things. In areas of decent employment (which includes a decent pay too…0, tend to be less affected by crimes… So in those areas not only the state has to spend less in benefits and social security, but the very need for policing shrinks too. And those people are happy to invest into healthy activities too. The bonus of working to health goes without saying, as problems with extra weight often are connected to a lack of activities in general and depression because of it. So it would mean a better health in general all over the society, and lower spending needs for NHS.

A very high immigration, as it is right now in the UK, makes huge impact on low wages. Actually, they are so low, that those people in full-time employment need an important help from government just to keep above the water with their expenditure. The rising housing prices are the other thing that affects their wellbeing, and is heavily affected by huge immigration. Some say, that the true problem is the lack of new houses, and promise to build new ones. The problem is, they need huge armies of builders to fulfil their plans… And that means – yes, a new wave of immigration again…

This all increases the pressure on the Schools, NHS and Police, as the general numbers of all kinds of people will grow… So the state should increase the numbers of all those services accordingly, but they realise, that it is impossible, for they have no money. And they have no money because far too many people are on very low-income… and the state doesn’t earn enough to realise and cope with all those growing needs… What is a solution in the eyes of the politicians – yes, a new wave of immigration again…

I sometimes wonder, how you people have survived to these modern days, if you can exist economically, according to some politicians, only if you have a great and permanent immigration… Don’t know about you, but to me it sounds like a total and complete lies.

immigration and the different, often hostile cultures…

I used to communicate to many people before the Brexit Referendum. And they all as one were very nice people, but truly and genuinely concerned about the numbers flooding into the UK. Many of those people happened to be HGV drivers. Genuinely nice people without a trace of hatred towards anyone. And yet, they all as one kept saying – too much is too much… If the establishment is not going to listen to them, then they will start to vote for people like President Trump and Marine Le Pen etc. And yet, the politicians are still deaf to that…

In many ways I blame the journalists. They bully politicians into certain views. We no longer live in the Democracy. I call it a Bullycracy! Whoever happens to be more aggressive and angry, gets him listened to and he silences the others. For this reason Christian politicians keep lying about their true views. And the journalists are very happy for that. They have bullied the whole societies to hide their true views. Freedom of Speech? You can forget about that. If journalist expresses his true views, and they are not in the line of the System of the Bullycracy, then he will lose his/her job… So, we have in all positions people who speak only what they are allowed, and they do it with the faces as if they believe in what they say!

Why did I say it all?

The thing is, the same people, overwhelmingly, who voted to leave the EU, are very angry and concerned about Islamic immigration even more than about immigration numbers in general. And even most of those who voted to stay in the EU, ARE VERY CONCERNED ABOUT THE ISLAMISATION AND ISLAM’S EFFECT ON THE WEST.

You have no idea how deep it goes. And they all admit, that they feel afraid to speak out. This clearly is an issue, that will one day turn out to be a turning point on its own merits…

And guess what! Politicians and journalists keep shushing them… and shaming, and labeling as racists… They even failed to call the Pakistani Muslim rape gang as it is – Islamic… They called them Asian gang… But this is VERY MUCH TO DO WITH ISLAM, AND THE QURAN ITSELF IN PARTICULAR… IT IS ALL THERE! Sex with enslaved married women (by the way, Muslims or non-Muslim) – tick! Sex with children under the age of 8 – tick! Women are meant for a sexual pleasure of men and they can do whatever and whenever they want – tick! Muslim can marry and divorce as he pleases – tick! Muslims can AND MUST punish and disgrace the non-Muslims – tick! Are Muslims superior to anybody else and have they to wear a longer garments to show this, according to Allah? – tick! Are in Islamic society Muslims only the right approach, according to Allah? – tick! Do Muslims have to hate non-Muslims? – tick!

Basically, Islam is a religion of superiority and Muslims are commanded to oppress and even disgrace and punish and hate non-Muslims as the worst of creatures… in the West this approach is known as Nazism and Fascism. And they are forbidden. But Islam, for some reason, isn’t. One has to start to think that non-Muslims truly have, as Allah states in the Quran, a lower intelligence… After all, they have failed to spot a clearly hostile ideology of Nazism and Fascism. If you remember, Hitler’s Nazis began and evolved in pretty much the same way! There were far too many ignorant of the reality and far too many tried to silence the critiques of Hitler. But Hitler’s Nazism was not so dangerous for one reason – nobody claimed it comes as a direct command from God.

With Islam this is the very problem. An ideology that in its essence is more dangerous than Fascism, everyone tries his best to silence the critiques of the immorality and superiority of Muslims in the Quranic message, just to avoid angering Muslims. And the aggressive Muslims know this only far too well, that this is the way that will get them through everything… So, they pretend being offended and act in uncontrollable way! And to keep them calm the West silences their critiques. The same as in the case with the rise of Hitler…

Having said that, I have to clarify – Muslims are not bad people. Actually, most of them are even very decent people… Possibly, even better than far too many Westerners.

And yet, the percentage of those truly and genuinely hating everything and everyone connected with the West is too big among them. For the record – most Muslims, similarly as Christians, have no clue about their so-called holy scriptures and where the dogmas of their religions come from. Most Muslims are being fed from early years completely different message about Muhammad and their creeds, and they truly believe that what they know is just what the Quran teaches and demands. And guess what – they are practicing something that is nearly against the Quranic message.

For instance, most Muslims have no clue about Allah giving clear permission to marry and divorce and have sexual relationship with girls that are in premenstrual age, which can be as early as 9 year, and on very rare occasions even 8. Of course, normally it is around 12-13 when menstruation starts. Anyway, Allah Himself gives permission to have sex before that age… Muslims have no clue that Allah gives clear permission to enter sexual relationship with already married women. Muslims try to excuse that what Allah meant there is widows. Only they fail to explain why Allah confused the word Widows with Married Women…

Muslims also fail to realize that Allah is a God of Hatred. Most clearly it is revealed in so-called Cursing Verses… Allah curses on some tens of times those who do not Accept Him and commands to do the same Angels and believing people, who happens to be Muslims only! What people should know is that cursing is the act of deep and genuine hatred… It is not just a word or action. think about it for a second. Tell me, how likely it is that somebody curses somebody else just for cursing sake? All I have learned about cursing is that it is a consequence of hatred of somebody and weakness to have any power over him/her… So whenever somebody curses anything, he declares his hatred toward the object of this curse.

Dear people who read this (non-Muslims and Muslims alike!), these are words and CLEAR GUIDELINES FROM THE QURAN ITSELF. And sooner or later I will have posts on this blog with references and Islamic own commentaries confirming what I just have said, and I will also explain why some other Muslims have managed to pretend that what Allah has said in the Quran is completely opposite of what Allah has truly meant!… And also why the people of the West keep buying this all and bullying on behalf of Muslims their fellow Westerners…

But don’t get me wrong! I don’t think that the West is very good and valuable. Still, it still is far better than any other society in whole foreseeable past!

So, the EU is all about bringing in more Muslims, meaning, more of this ideology and immorality of the Quran! And ordinary common people on the ground know exactly what they want to stop and why, and that they cannot express it openly, or they will have to face the consequences of this Bullycratic system… For this reason, the Islamic question, is actually even bigger issue for people and an argument against the EU, than the immigration numbers themselves…

And what the local politicians do – they keep ignoring it. The existing politicians can face one day a situation, when they will be ignored and despised by their own people, and Muslims are not going to accept them also, as they are no more than disbelieves. But disbelievers in the Quran are called the Worst of Creatures (basically, worse than pigs and apes and dogs…) by Allah Himself… So, make your own maths! How big is a chance that Muslims, when they will become majority, will vote for those who are lower than pigs and dogs and apes? None!


What the UK should do about this question of what to do with the immigrants is – they should do what would be right to those immigrants that are in the country already, and leave the EU to do whatever they decide to do to Britons in the EU. If Theresa May will announce this approach before the election day, she will only do a favor to herself and the UK… If she does this, she will take away nearly the only leverage of the EU against the UK. One must be ready to sacrifice something to become truly free. A few expats (even though it is 1 million actually) shouldn’t become a game changing change.

The immigration is an issue. But the Islamic immigration is even bigger issue according to what people think and what they talk about in their kitchens… With the open borders of the EU, and its toothlessness to send back instantly all those illegal and economical migrants, many of whom are clear criminals, the UK will always vote to leave the EU. And the EU is completely at fault here!

This is because of the EU, that far too many EU citizens in exchange for money went into marriage with people from Islamic countries and helped them to gain a permanent leave to stay! It is all down to the EU and its blindness and obsession with non-existing values and ignorance of the ordinary common people.

They even fail to deal with those who are here illegally. They have made themselves hostages of their own hypocrisy! It is them who rape the Western way of life! And inevitably, the mood of people will change, and politicians like Marine Le Pen will start to win back their countries, for people will hate the ruling hypocrites so much, that they can even become violent.

This is how revolutions have started in the past! The short formula of them is – for far too long the ruling classes have ignored what the ruled ones are concerned about. They kept going over them like bulldozers.  The collapse of the EU, for this reason, will be the job done by the deaf and blind and brainless and hypocritical highest officials of the EU themselves.

In my view, leaving the EU means only one thing – problem solved for the UK… And the UK can move on into the sea as a free and independent society… without being stuck in this paddle…


Of course, first they have to get rid of those journalists, that keep blocking the Free Speech and true Democracy.




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