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Manchester. Bomb. Another Tale that is Shouting at the Western Deafness. Without Results. Again…

Will the PM (Prime Minister of the UK – Theresa May) agree that this is a perversion of a great religion (aka – way of life…)???… And she would jump up joyfully and… agree…

So what really happened and what lessons should be learned from this attack in Manchester? And will the politicians and journalists ever learn???… [Read more…]

What the UK can lose or win (economically) in a case they completely lose the so-called Single Market!? Or who will lose who!

I am an immigrant from the so-called Eastern Europe myself, despite the fact that officially it is a Northern Europe (one of the Baltic states)

You already know that the UK has a trade deficit with the EU of 70 -90 billion pounds…

And all this deficit is from importing things from the EU that you can produce yourself… So, what it would be the UK would lose if it leaves the so-called Single Market altogether?

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Brexit Negotiations! Immigrants – the bargaining chip?

The immigrants… A very hot topic, for some reason, in the so-called Brexit negotiation process between the UK and the EU! Why is it so hot and isn’t there many more important things to think about, and why this one seems to be so painful and controversial and early in negotiation process?
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Tony Blair is coming back! How bad it is for the UK?

There is a reason why Tony Blair is being called a Tory Bliar…

He is a lying hypocrite. I would even say – listen to him carefully, and do just the opposite of what he is saying…

He is often praised for being the most successful Labour leader… But is he???

This blog post is also about the economic benefits of the UK outside the EU. Hard Brexit it is!
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