Trident! What To Do!

It is a very sensitive topic. Everybody understands, that whoever will press the button, can start a self annihilation of whole world. Anyone who follows “the button pressing” ideology, will only contribute to this self-destruction of all… The worst scenario is expressed in an old saying in the world of theater  – if there is a gun on the wall at the beginning of the play, it will definitely shoot at the end of it… Tragically enough, it applies to the nuclear weapons in the play called “Today’s World”  too.

Trident. It is 4 nuclear submarines in the UK armory. I checked about them on Internet. They are truly powerful. But do we really need them especially in combination with what is written at the beginning of this post?

The danger of nuclear reaction lies not only in the pure destructive power of itself. It can trigger a wider effect on the ecosystem of the nature. in case of nuclear war, we have to assume that not only one nuclear missile will be shot. And it can mean the awakening of volcanoes and earthquakes of unheard power.

Earthquakes come very often with the tsunamis. And the water and air will spread the radiation and kill the living beings on unheard scale.

Long story short – in case of nuclear war, there will be no winners. There will be only those that lost hugely and those that will be nearly eliminated. And nobody knows, who of the involved sides will suffer more. One thing is for sure – whole world will suffer.

So do we need the nuclear weapons?

They are very expensive to maintain. Especially submarines. In case of the UK, from what I accidentally overheard on news, the 4 nuclear submarines cost 20 billion to build. And then some billions per year to maintain.

It is all non-productive expenses. It is simply wasted money.

If somebody would have attacked the UK, then nothing would be left to do.

One may think, that the possession of these nuclear weapons will keep at bay some other potential attackers. This is not true.

Any nuclear attack would make the attacking country completely isolated and an enemy to the whole world. It would be a political suicide of that particular country.

One may say, that the nuclear bombs have been used already, when the USA dropped them on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan. There is no denying this.

And yet, it was a completely different world, and those bombs were hundreds of times weaker then those of nowadays.  And people did not know much about the nuclear powers and the consequences of them being detonated.

Today we know much more. What we don’t know, what kind of global catastrophe it would trigger.


Any nuclear attack can come in combination with unpredictable and long-lasting consequences to the whole world. I have read some prophecies, that suggest, that the nuclear bombs will be used and the global apocalypses will be triggered.

Luckily, I believe in God and God’s will. I believe that everything that is meant to affect us, will come true. And anything, that is not meant for us, will go by and leave us unaffected.

Nuclear potential will not help anyone. And even though many may die when attacked, and it seems to be a great way to protect ourselves, we all will be responsible in front of God for our own deeds.

What I wanted to say is – it does not matter what others do to us. What matters is what we do to them. For in any war the blood of innocent is being shed. There is no good wars. Ever.

So there is no need to keep and pay for enormously destructive weapons which are not meant for defense, but for the attack only.

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