Donald Trump! Why I Think He May Be The Winner!

I believe and feel that we all live in a fast changing world. The old world is dying. The old world that represents exhagerated politcorretness and pretendings and mental games meant to trick people into emotions and certain decisions is starting to lose. And the Brexit is just the first visible sign of that. Far to many mistakes and crimes against humanity have been performed. So this coud be a reason why people like Donald Trump are starting to gain popularity. Societies are thirsty for open and honest talking even if sometimes it is not the best. At least it is what one truly thinks.

Many blame persons like Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage for Brexit. And the EU officials do too. And by doing this they only confirm what I have said – the political corretness has taken over the conventional wisdom. In Western countries people are not free to express their true views. Especially if they are in managing position. If they do it openly, I mean – they express their true views, they risk being dismissed and completely fall out of jobs.

Is this how free societies work? No! It is no less than tyranny.

But things in societies that work in this way can not carry on forever like this. Because instead of solving problems they sweep them under the carpet. It is not problem-solved. It is problem -hidden… And in this way it keeps growing and evolving into many different shapes and problems. And at some point they have reached the braking point and break out.

And this is just what happened with Brexit. What do the rulers of EU and UK do about it? Nothing. They keep pretending everything is fine and blame Boris and Nigel.

Listen! If not these persons and not hte UK,somebody somewhere would have done it because the situation has reached the breaking point. Keep ignoring that and it will lead to complete collapse of whole Europe.

And the same applies to whole world. And also to the US and their elections.

People are fed up with all the pretendings and “politcorectnessness”…

They finally has seen and realised they are thirsty for a real person and real thoughts.

And Donald Trump delivers just that. So I believe he is going to win if the elections will take place in the first place… After all the End of the World has been prophecised while the 44th president of the US is going to be in the office…

Have a nice day!

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