How Tony Blair Ruined The EU! And How Did It Led To Increase Of Racism!

Jeremy Corbyn is being accused of ruining the future of the UK by not having been active enough when advocating the Remain Campaign. But what is the true reason for people to have chosen this path despite enormous amount of lies and scaremongering having been said from both sides of the argument? But is Jeremy really the true reason for this choice? Or maybe it is somebody else like, for instance, Tony Blair…??? Chilcot Inquiry (about the war in the Iraq), right???…

 What was the main reason people in the UK chose to Leave the EU? Yes, it was the immigration!

And it was not racism in vast majority of all choices. It was the reality and development in the UK and, indeed, in the EU.

I am talking about refugees crisis and that stuff. And it all is result of doings of Tony Blair.

Tony Blair was in charge when the 8 Eastern European countries joined the EU, and he was in charge when the West started all those devastating wars in the East. It was Tony Blair who opened the door without restrictions to all EU countries and who actively shaped the crisis for hundreds of millions of people in the East. And now they all are fleeing to the EU, and many of them hope to enter the UK.

In a way, the UK has been in charge of all those wars, being behind enormous amounts of lies and lost livelihoods and lives themselves. So by this Exit from the EU the UK has screwed up whole Europe. The UK can get away from accepting all those refugees despite being the core creator of the problem…

But who is to blame? Is it people of the UK? No! Is it Eastern Europeans? No! All those ordinary common people, both in the UK and the Eastern Europe, and from the war-torn countries in the East, have been screwed up by politicians. Especially by people like Tony Blair!

Many in Labour party, including and especially so-called Blairites, are blaming Jeremy Corbyn about what has happened. But have you listened to people? Have you heard how angry they are about all those numbers coming and affecting their housing prices and lowering their wages…, or even worse, pushing them out of job altogether…

And Jeremy Corbyn could have done nothing about that. I have been talking to people as much as I could, and 95 out of 100 I approached were very firm – they are voting to Leave. It was not up to any politician to have changed their minds. And the quality of scaremongering from those who supported Remain was staggering. If even with that the Leave won, nothing would have changed them.

One thing to remember – don’t blame immigrants

The problem is, the EU is built to abuse the weakest countries within it! And as some kind of compensation for this abuse and lowered prospects in those countries, that also leads to the lack of jobs, they imposed on the richer countries the obligation of accepting immigration.

The whole system is built to support the rich. The rich are the true and the only true winners from the globalization as such, where the EU is only a small part of it…

Unfortunately, far too many Brits have become so angry with the consequences of the immigration, that they perceived the vote for the Leave to be some kind of official permission to start to bully immigrants. But by doing that they only are fighting consequences, not the reasons.

What they have to keep in mind, and what the politicians should keep reminding them day in day out, that most of those people are not going to leave for various reasons. Some of those reasons are lack of jobs in their own countries. But the main problem right now is – you can not send away some 3 million people who work in absolutely vital areas for whole economy and expect that everything will be fine. In some warehouses there are 95% of immigrants working and working very hard. Send them all out and that will truly lead to the collapse of economy, the budget of the state, and consequently the benefit system etc.

There is another thing to it. Whenever the abuse has been let to flourish, it does not stop there. It keeps growing within those affected by it and grows stronger and starts to affect many other areas of life. So it means, that by turning a blind eye to these things, the country can find itself one day being caught into terrible mutual abuse on all levels. It would be that one morning people wake up and realize their nice world has vanished. And those things, once they have spread their roots, are no easy to get rid of! For sure, nobody wants that happening…

But politicians must listen to the development of all these moods very carefully till it is not too late. They have to do ANYTHING TO STOP IMMIGRATION and as soon as possible. No playing games any more or dismissing this cry of nation!!!

Unfortunately, I have first hand experience and a very painful one, both for others and myself, when not listening to somebody who desperately asks for something, turns out to be a catastrophe. I have learned from that and since I understood it, I keep pointing out to all I can that we all should listen to people if they ask for something in a desperate way. Before it is too late… Act quickly. Do not hesitate!!!

So let’s conclude!

Don’t blame Jeremy for the outcome of Brexit when Tony Blair is at fault!!! For nearly all the problems in today’s Britain are because of his actions… Not only the immigration crisis from across the whole world, but also for the benefit system that far to often supports the principle – everything for nothing… And he (together with his allies) is supporting the Remain in the EU… Another reason to Leave!

Have a nice day!

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