Jeremy And The Future Of Labour Party! Where To Go From Here?

The country (the UK) is in the mess. The Conservative party is in the mess. The Labour Party is in the mess. Do we have to expect something that will calm down everything for the sake of peace or just the opposite – better let us fuel it even further in order to make it collapse so that on the ruins of the Old World a New One could be born? Personally I would go for the later option… So, what do I see as the best thing to happen to the Labour party! 

The party is in such a mess, that it clearly can not carry on like that. The damage has been done. With Jeremy at the helm or not, the Labour party has embarrassed itself. There is not a single person in the Parliament, that could be able to unite and get the party out of this. So the question is – what to do?

To start with, we have to understand, what is happening and why are we where we are!

The short story is – Labour party has lost its focus on its true values and is no more than substitute Conservatives when it comes to economic policies. At times it is even worse, because Labour not only don’t have a clue about what and why has social-democratic movement as their economic policies, but does not have any at all. They simply stand for the same as the Conservatives by only making a few corrections. No wonder the whole nation keeps saying – they are all the same… Because they are.

Yes, Labour speak a bit more about social justice. That is true. Still, the injustice itself is being created by wrong economic policies in the first place. So in case of Labour party it is like a firemen who tries to put down the fire and fuels it at the same time… It is normal to expect such attitude form the Conservative party, but why do Labour leaders do the same is a mystery to me. And they do. I have not a shadow of doubt about it.

People, social and economical justice and the support of business are not enemies, if you understand these processes. Rather just the opposite…

And it all is happening because the understanding of true social-democratic values have been abandoned and forgotten. And one of the reasons for that is, that it is nearly impossible to follow these guidelines of true values being inside all those global organizations. Long story short – globalization, like in the Lord Of The Rings, serves only one Lord – the Greed. Some people may believe, that being part of all those organizations, including the EU, gives you some rights and even power to decide and prosperity, but the truth is, it is complete opposite.

And the existing democracy right now does not help to resolve it at all. There is no need in it to know much about how the countries are being ruled and what evolves from what, to get elected as the representative of people. But if one does not understand much about all the mechanisms involved in economy, he very easy to be led away and manipulated. And this is exactly what has happened. People in charge of the country (basically, it is about all countries) are arrogant about their own brilliance, and have no clue how far they really are from understanding anything.

The Labour party has been stolen from the Unions, from the members of ordinary common Labour members and supporters, and even worse, from the nation as such. People in Parliament, Labour or not, live in completely different reality than the nation. The spiritual and financial gaps between them are so huge, that they are unable to hear each other mentally. They don’t have any understanding about the feels and worries of one another.

So the emerge of Jeremy Corbyn has been a very awakening signal and a sign from God himself that the nation and the Parliament are having two completely different approaches.

Do I think Jeremy can win elections and change the country? Not at all. But I know one thing – Jeremy is the best available right now. Labour party must stay on Labour, not “new Conservative road” in order and with claims to get into power by all cost.

This approach has lead to situation in which all people, including Labour themselves, call the party “a very broad church”.  Maybe it would be alright in a church, which I myself doubt anyway, but not in the political party. The reason for that is simple – when people with far too different views join together, the concensus becomes impossible. And in order to come to a conclusion on anything, some become oppressed and unheard. Any organizations that unites on “broad church principles”, sooner or later will collapse. And Labour party has experienced it all already before. It always damages the party in general. “Broad church” is exactly what should be avoided by all costs…

Anyway, one thing is clear. Labour party can not carry on like that. But where is the exit from this, if there is any?

In my view there is only two options. One, which I would hate, is – Jeremy steps down and Blairitism or Status Quo (read – “substitute conservatism”) has won and the country had lost its chance to change and to regain a true social-democracy that works for and serves the ordinary working majority.

The second option is – the party splits into Labour minority and “new Conservative” majority at which point the Unions and the name of Labour stays with the left-minority. In this way the Labour party would have got rid of the “wolf in sheep’s skin” and democracy has won. The problem is, those Blairites like the benefit of the name of Labour and the money of Trade Unions. They would not want to give up willingly. So the split would be a very painful one. But it is a price to pay for the liberty of a social-democratic movement.

Of course, the liberated Labour party should start with recreating itself by recreating its core values that are expressed in real figures. No more slippery mumbling about everything and nothing at the same time… For if the party truly succeeds at this, the future of Labour party is really bright. Unfortunately I do not see a single person that could be capable to lift the wight of this challenge…

One thing is sure. It can not stay as it is. And the other fact is – the existing people are not going to change anything, for they are too comfortable where they are…

So let us hope the Unions will finally do they part and say – enough is enough. The Labour party is meant to be the servant of working people, and the Unions are the official representatives of this group of society and they are in charge to determine which way to go etc.

And to start with, if I may suggest, Unions should talk to Boris Johnson whose heart is with so many Labour values (listen to his “abdication” speech…) and he understands the business as well and he has proved he is the winner… And knowing that he has been abandoned and betrayed by the Conservatives, and there is no more future for him in there, he should be wise enough to accept this challenge.

So once again:

  1. the existing party must split.
  2. the Trade Unions must decide who they are with and form a completely new party.
  3. the Unions and true social-democrats should come up with a very clearly expressed values in order to avoid future departure away from them and stick with them.
  4. Boris Johnson must be approached and join the Labour party. (!!! Unfortunately, since this post was written, Boris has proved that he is an incredible globalist, and for that reason he cannot be Labour ever nor a help to the country!)
  5. whatever the question ask Immigrant George… lol…

Have a nice day!


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