Project “Fear” Is Over. Project “Punishment” Has Come.

23 of June will remain in British history. Interestingly, it was a summer Solstice day… It is not clearly understood and appreciated now, but one day it will. The Day of Independence, as Nigel Farage has put it… This vote may serve as a reason for another Bonfire night (because in many nations it is being celebrated since times impossible to remember…), possibly, in the future…??? And this is only beginning of the great changes for whole Europe. But this is not the point for this post. Project “Punishment” is…

We all have seen the plunge of stock markets and the British pound right after the Brexit was announced. The same happened with “so-called credit rating agencies”. It was at least two of the world level agencies of this type that reduced the ratings of the UK. The question is why?

I have not a tiny shade of doubts, that the UK has enormous prospects outside of most of those global projects, including the EU. Of course, nothing is granted and leaving itself will change absolutely nothing if not other changes are made. Still, the prospects in general can be only better for the whole UK and its economy, and for individuals within it alike. So why do these agencies reduced the ratings of the UK?

And the reason, in my view, is very simple. By leaving the EU the UK has pinched a very heavy blow to the globalization or the Lords of globalization. And they can not leave it this way. They are afraid the others may follow the pattern and they must be warned about the consequences or with the consequences. So “the Project Punishment” has been lunched. mainly as a warning to others considering anything like this.

The first drop of markets, which I also said will recover very quickly because the value of British companies and pound could only grow, were designated artificially. The thing is, there are people out there who earn money by predicting and, actually, creating the instabilities in the markets. The bigger the turbulence, the better it is for money-making. And knowing that the Remain Camp was so heavily using those Apocalyptic scenarios, they knew exactly how to play this out. They kept themselves ready and straight after “the announcement” started to sell their own assets causing the panic in the market. When the markets dropped, they started to buy what they just were selling rapidly… This is the old technique of making money out of the air by abusing people’s fears.

The reduction of the credit ratings is a completely different ball game.

Knowing that not only the people in the UK have shown their backs to the Lords of globalization, and that some other countries may follow, the global corporations had to do something to stop that. And what can be better than other “Fear Campaign”? Only in this time it is also “a Punishment Campaign”, in order to send a clear message to anybody else considering this all.

Reducing the credit ratings reduces investment and rises the interest rates for the borrowing. So all in all it is meant to damage the prosperity of certain country. By these figures and conditions the Global Lords control and bully independent countries into following particular direction. It is called – The New World Order… And the EU is just another project of this kind.

No wonder Boris Johnson was forced to go. I believe there could be enormous underwater stones that affected this and we may never find out about them because they want to stay hidden.

What is interesting to me is that the names people chose for themselves or gain in any other way tell us so much about the whole particular organisation. In a way, it is God’s doing, why certain names are chosen. For example, it is prophesied that the EU will collapse and fall into pieces at some point. And the first movement that could have triggered it is called Brexit… That sounds like Breaking by Exit…

The same applies to other movements and organizations. For instance, the name of one rating agency is called Moody’s. This is telling us that they are much more depending on certain moods than healthy wisdom. The same applies to another such rating agency that also has reduced the ratings of the UK – Standard & Poor’s… This name’s message to us is – their judgement is poor as a standard…

I am sure we will be able to see many more bully-like attitudes applied to the UK in order to get them scared and accept, in its nature, the same conditions the UK has now only outside the EU… And that will make the whole leave vote completely meaningless.

So let us wait and see where this is going to go and what the present leaders of the UK are going to do. Are they going to withstand the pressure and the lies and pure bluffing by the EU and the Global Lords or they will succumb once again and give up their freedom and independence!

Have a nice day!

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