What About Jeremy Corbyn In Relation To The Outcome Of The Referendum? Should He Go Or Should He Stay…?

A am no longer a fan of Jeremy Corbyn. He appears not to be the man who he was before he was elected. Probably he realized he can not do anything if behind him there are rebels who rebel against any of his decision, pretty much in the same manner as he himself once did. But I would like to talk about the request for him to resign or demanding the vote of confidence due to the outcome of the Referendum, I have only this to say to those pushing for that – ALL LABOUR LEADING POLITICIANS ARE OUT OF TOUCH AND HAVE NO CLUE AND CARE ABOUT WHO IS IN CHARGE. A SLIGHT REMINDER – THE NATION IS. AND YOU ARE COMPLETELY DEAF TO THEM… IT SEEMS THAT THEY ARE ONLY SOME KIND OF MEET FOR THEM GOOD ONLY FOR GETTING YOU ELECTED. AND IN THIS WAY LABOUR POLITICIANS ARE ABSOLUTELY THE SAME AS THE CONSERVATIVES. NO WONDER THEY KEEP LOSING IN ELECTIONS. WHAT I AM SURPISED ABOUT IS – WHY THEY NEVER LEARN??? But the main topic in this post STILL is – Is Jeremy Corbyn to blame for the outcome of the Brexit or not?! 

I am a strong supporter of social-democratic philosophy and movement. For this reason I am in Labour party. And I am trade-unionist too! I believe in Trade Union movement, in its contributing force to the well-being of the whole society and I can say that vast majority of people in these organizations  are there for a reason. Normally those are people who have a higher level of care for the whole society than the average person. And yet, even they can be led astray sometimes on some issues. And one of those issues is the referendum about EU in the UK. It is quite a mystery to my how can it be and why both Labour and Trade Unions (to be specific, their leaders…) supported the Remain campaign, if it so clear, that being under the rule of global unions restrict the countries and impose on them conditions that damage their prosperity for individuals and the businesses alike. I was and I am and I will be holding to the view that those unions are nearly always projects of very rich people across the world and they serve them and them only and ordinary working people can only suffer from that. I have talked about that in some of my previous blog posts and I will keep repeating that as long as it will be necessary.

Some people are surprised about my views and can’t understand why I, as an immigrant myself, do support the Leave Campaign. The answer is simple. I truly understand that this is the best and the only right way for British people, which I will try to explain a bit later.

In our lives we have to do what is right. Always. Of course, nobody is perfect, we tend to slip and miscalculate etc., but we have to do our best in all things to do the most right, the most righteous thing, and not from our point of view, not from the point of view of our benefit. This is how I understand every single person in the world should do, for this is the way of righteousness, or at least as I understand that.

And even if sometimes it seems you could win something by not following this principle, you instantly put yourself into list of selfish people. But selfish people only create problems for themselves and others in long-term prospect. So I thought, if I was a British citizen, I would definitely vote to leave. And for this reason I consider this the only option for me as an immigrant also, to support the Leave, because this is British lives that are affected and it is their country and their democracy. I am not supporting because British people want it, but because according to how I understand the world, the mechanisms in economy, it will be the best choice for them. And Cameron has secured for himself the place in history for letting this referendum to take place.

But let us move to Jeremy Corbyn.

Social-democratic movement consists of two words, the second of which is – democracy… Unfortunately, increasingly in today’s world and, with regret, including in the Labour party and all the Trade Unions, democracy has been abandoned. It is in many ways due to Television, which has made the democracy ridiculous simply because they do not have any time for proper discussions and they never discuss any topic through completely. As a result it has been adopted by the whole society. Whenever you go, there is no true discussions. There is either Q&A sessions, which is not particularly discussions, more like expressions of views of one or few persons, and there are discussions that are very, very limited with time and for that reason they are more like exchanges with statements.

We live in a very busy world, and people never get to the bottom of any topic, apart from some scholars, who simply write their findings in a way of statement. Unfortunately, even those statements and findings far too often are speculative and tend to support only certain philosophical movements.

Why I told you this?

I hate to tell this, but I attended recently one conference of one Trade Union. It was dedicated to this question – the EU referendum. And what I hate about it is that it was called a discussion about those things concerning the Brexit, but turned out to be a pure propaganda.

We all know history. We know how the propaganda works. The loudest and most notorious example is Hitler and his regime. All those Germans went to war and followed the Fuhrer simply because they have been put like under the spell. Propaganda really works. And, sadly, this is what happened in this conference as well. It all was done by very good and honest intentions. Unfortunately, it disabled the democracy even in the Trade Union, which I myself have been considering as the last bastion of democracy.

Having said this, I would like to emphasize, that I truly admire and respect the leaders of this particular Trade Union as professionals and persons alike. Unfortunately, they have been following the official line of the Labour party’s existing leaders in all things. And talking about this, we must admit, that it seems Jeremy Corbyn is being forced to certain views by the Blairites majority in Parlament and have adopted some approach to the Trade Unions in general, meaning, how they work together…

For this reason I would like to remind us all, that it is Unions, who have created the Labour party for them, and not vice versa. It means, the Unions should dictate the Labour party which way to go. Unfortunately, it does not work like that at all. Even worse, Ed Miliband weakened the Unions chances to affect the party altogether.

I remember that time when our Union leaders advised all members to vote for Miliband’s proposal that was aimed at weakening the Unions place in the party… In another conference that I have attended some time ago vast majority of Union Representatives expressed their clear NO to this move. Nevertheless, it was implied.

The problem now is, that Unions do not have a strong voice in the party. They can recommend but the party can say no to anything, and that’s it.

Everyone should understand, that Labour party is not like a child of Unions, who has grown up and is leaving the house and having his own life and following his own decisions, which would seem to be normal when talking about parents/children relationship. The Labour party has been created as a servant to Unions, in order to better achieve its goals, meaning, improve fairness and prosperity for all, not few. And ordinary people, through Trade Unions, should be in charge of it all. But now there has been left only a facade of this mechanism, thanks to Ed Miliband and weakness of Trade Unions. So for this reason I even think that Ed Miliband has served as an enemy, in a way, to democracy in general.

Why did he do that? This is a good question! Probably, he simply does not understand the history and reasons for existence of certain mechanisms in democratic movements. Secondly, he could have been emotionally affected by David Cameron who repeatedly used to attack Ed in discussions at Parliament accusing him being paid by Trade Unions, as if those are some sacks of money who care only about themselves. Also it is possible, that many other Blairites felt the same way and they started this move to shake off the Unions and put a big pressure on Ed Miliband.

What they had to think about is that Trade Union officials are elected representatives of huge numbers of ordinary working people and have a mandate to speak in the name of all those people. So the money from Trade Unions is the money from ordinary working people. To be ashamed of that is a shame itself and tells that somebody is not in the right place altogether.

Labour party’s MP’s keep forgetting that they are elected as representatives of Labour (social-democratic) representatives, not representatives of their own views as it seems to be the matter to themselves. It seems Labour MP’s believe they are kind of stars who know everything and keep ignoring the will of the people and push their own agenda. And here we are. Labour keep losing at general elections in situations that are perfect for them to win with a great advantage… But they fail every time. Is not this a fuel for thoughts itself?

It seems that the power in Labour party has been stole from the working people by some Blairites and they, actually, despice their Lord – the nation, for they seem to be willing to go their own way, as it was in this particular case also.

Why I am telling this all?

It seems to me that our Union, and most of biggest Unions in the country in general, are blindly following the Labour leaders, who seem to have betrayed the very ideals of social democratic movement that is meant to ensure both, fairness and the best economic growth itself for all. Of course, this is a very long story and will be covered in another post. The question remains – who is whose servant and why The Lord (Unions, Nation) do not have their own views being heard and represented and have no power over their own Servant (Labour party)…! Why Unions follow “the servant” and not dictate him what to do?

Of course, it would be only very wise to have these discussions where every view is and aspect is discussed properly and in-depth, and everyone, including the MP’s, can explain their stand properly. Still, they should listen to all the other views and explanations and not simply push their agenda.

Unfortunately, in that conference of Trade Union, the discussion was something that did not really exist. Of course there was given time for discussions in so-called workshops and so, but the time given was far too short for even warming up. Instead, outside of these workshops, we had many speakers supporting the Remain Camp. So all in all, on the paper, the discussion existed, but in reality, it was pure water propaganda. And it worked. If at the beginning of the conference the score was more or less 50/50, after the propaganda sessions, the best of all where was the speech of Mr John McDonnell (really persuasive and well structured, in my view), the numbers changed significantly.

But as I said, there was no discussion. It was propaganda. Of course, people were allowed to ask questions, but this is not a discussion, for only one side is allowed to express their views in detail.

So the point of all this is to say, that Jeremy Corbyn and his allies (as Mr McDonnell is the closest of all and represents the same views anyway) did a really good job by promoting their views and did it great in my view. Unfortunately, my views on economics in general and Britain’s place in the world have been formed very long time ago and I was not persuaded by the speakers anyway.

What I wanted to say is, why some seem to blame Jeremy Corbyn for this outcome? He did all he can. By doing more he could only alienate the electorate even further away from Labour party because most of those people “on the floor”, actually, disagree with the reasons for staying in the EU.

If there was at least a very strong personality among Labour MP’s, who could inspire and rise the true Social-democratic movement again, I could myself agree to have for a new vote. The sad fact is -0 there is NONE! And I am adamant about that. And removing Jeremy would very strongly damage Labour because Jeremy had a very clear and huge mandate. None of those Blairites came even close to him even all taken together…

This would be another case where Labour MP’s are deaf and ignorant to what people truly think. And it happens again and again. The Blairites may hate Jeremy, and the ship loaded with such a team is going nowhere anyway, but the ordinary Labour people prefer him far more than any of those Blairites – wolf in the skin of the sheep…

Let us remind ourselves the ignorance of the tops to the views of the bottoms.

  1. people did not like Miliband’s proposal of changing the way the party works with the unions – ignored. As a result Miliband lost elections. no lesson learned.
  2. people did like Jeremy Corbyn for the leader of the party – ignored. now they try to remove him. No lessons learned there too.
  3. people are extremely worried about the numbers of immigration – Labour party ignored that. referendum lost. Who do they blame? Jeremy Corbyn. No lesson learned.
  4. I am sure there are many more examples of ongoing ignorance.

All in all we can conclude that it seems to me the Labour party is doing everything in its power to alienate its supporters. And those still voting for Labour are doing that for the sake of old days, for increasingly the nation and the Leaders disagree on more and more matters.

I don’ think that Jeremy can win at general elections. But I am absolutely sure that if he will be removed, it will do a great damage to whole Labour movement. Remove Jeremy and half of those Parliamentary places for Labour will be lost. Jeremy can at least preserve the existing numbers. When do you, people, will start to learn from your own failures? Who do you think could take the place of Jeremy? Is it Chuka Umunna??? This guy is very articulated, but he seems to have nothing at all to implement as a Law that would change the economy and serve the ordinary working people. He is using beautiful and loud phrases that are as empty as Russia’s treasury vaults. Nice looks is not everything. If a person has not in his heart Social-democratic philosophy, he can lead nowhere.

So what to do with the existing situation?

The party has to change. The party has abandoned the values of Social-democratic movement COMPLETELY. Ask anyone even from those in Parliament, and they will fail answering what are the values of Labour movement. They will be only capable to mumble something about fairness for all not few, which is the same empty treasury vault. from outside it may look impressive, but inside it is empty. The don’t have substance. These views are just views. You can build nothing out of them. Why do you even keep repeating them?

So I would like to urge both Labour and Trade Union leaders to start to listen and start to recreate a very clear views about social-democracy and stop being ignorant and when organizing discussions those should be true discussions not pretending. Labour and Unions are lost at the moment. And if they will preserve this Status Quo, they will keep losing in general elections.

That’s all for now!

Have a nice day!




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