Donald Trump – Who He Truly Is?

Recently I have had a view about Donald Trump that he is a dangerous person to be in the office. I still think that in general those very rich businessman are completely useless leaders of any country. In general… And I still stick with that. Still, I have watched recently quite a few videos posted on YouTube about him and interviews with him, and I have to admit, that he definitely has some charm and charisma. He has got the same effect on people who so many leaders of world level have. In a way I have started to like him. Of course, I still don’t agree with some of his views, but the world must become ready for him becoming a president of the US, for the possibility is really high!

In one of his interviews he said, that he gets along better with ordinary people like workers and taxi drivers etc, and I understand why. He is natural and there is no arrogance in him. Of course, there is some kind of arrogance, if we understand the arrogance as excessive self-confidence. But I have never seen this confidence of his to affect his attitude towards other people. In a way he truly is an amazing personality. Will he save the US, it remains to be found out. After all, there are those predictions that the 44th president of the US is going to be “a black man” and he is going to be the last one for the US as we know it today…

The US definitely needs a new kind of leader, new approach to the world and to the US economy itself.

And Trump is correct about Obama. I kind of liked Obama, but I in my eyes he was not the guy who will ever do anything great to the US. He simple sustained the Status Quo. He has been a very grey president. But Trump has a completely different personality altogether. of course, he should stop and never said some offensive remarks about some persons and/or social groups.

Look what has happened in the UK at the Brexit referendum! The society has been worried for such a long time and talking to politicians of all kinds, and they always have been ignored. politicians have their own agenda. Politicians push their own views. They never listen to the people they are representing. And the Brexit is the outcome of that. And the same is happening in the US.

I myself always have insisted, that a true and good leader must not be bullied and led by the public, but he must truly inspire and lead them, to show them the reasons and gains from following certain directions and values.

Still, there are some occasions, when the politicians have to listen to society. And that is exactly what did not and is not happening in the EU. The top politicians are deaf towards the views of their own. they ignored them and oppress by labeling them racists and/or haters etc. They never truly even try to understand what those people “on the floor” really feel and why they are having some of those views. till it is too late…

Thanks to this ignorance, from all kinds of politicians from within the Europe, the EU has started to collapse.

For those who are not familiar with that, there is a very famous clairvoyant from Bulgaria, she was completely blind from her childhood and is dead for some 20 years already, who said – all that is uniting now, will collapse and fall into pieces. She is known as Baba Vanga. Bulgarians call her an Aunt Vanga. She also has predicted that the Europe will be ruled by Muslims in year 2043… And she also (along with Edgar Cayce, an American “sleeping prophet”) has predicted that America will have a black president and that the 44th will be the last for the US as we know it.

Even more interesting is another prophet – italian monk from 14th or 15th century. He is called Ragno Nero (the Black Spider) It is his nickname. America was not even discovered. His notes with predictions were found while renovating some monastery in Italy hidden in a secret compartment in the wall. The legend says, the notes had written a date on them when it will be found… Some 500 years ago… And one specific prophecy in there says – the country between two oceans will become the strongest of all. In it the rulers will rule by 4 years, the 44th of which will become the last one… Some of his prophecies are found here – Ragno Nero. Some call him a German monk, but all the evidence point to an Italian descent.

Anyway. Some may hate this idea (the collapse of the EU and the prophecies about it), and blame the UK for starting that, but they should not. For the EU is a very unfair union and would not last anyway. Sooner or later one or another country would have got to the point of referendum and the collapse would have started…

On everything there is God’s will. Inshallah (which means – “God willing” or “if God wills”), says Muslims. Whatever happens, it is by God’s Grace and Will. And even though some people would argue straight away bringing up some horrible world events like World Wars etc., it all still is happening by God’s Will. For by whatever happens, is the consequences of our own deeds, the reflection of our own values, that come back on us. And people are not lonely islands. Humans live as some kinds of united bodies of social groups, for the values and even mentalities grow from certain social environments. So whatever happens is a clash or a blessing of the values of those different groups. WHATEVER HAPPENS…

So let us go back to Donald Trump.

He is natural. Sometimes to natural. But it is just the thing that makes him what he is, it contributes to his charisma. And he is listening and expressing what bothers the ordinary people. And he knows what they are feeling. He said that himself by saying that he is getting along better with ordinary people. In his soul, even despite being extraordinary rich, he is a simple man. No lies, no pretending. He says what he thinks. And guess what, people like it, and on many things people feel and have felt the same for many decades.

So let us wait and see, what will come out of all this campaign… Of course, if the prophecies are true, there will be no the 45th president of the US altogether.

Hope this will serve you well as food for thought…

Have a nice day!

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