52 versus 48! What does it tell us!

I think the message is very, very clear! Even though many may think that it is a tiny victory, it is far from that. I will explain why.

Whoever is familiar with the nature of human mind, will understand, that fears have on the minds of human beings a very strong effect. People become irrational when facing them. And this has been really heavily used by the Remain campaigners. The amount of lies and fear planting into hearts of people has been simply disgusting. For this reason, for all the lies that have been said, at least 2 people should leave their positions. Those are David Cameron and George Osborne.

Before the referendum I tried to question as many people as possible about their stand and their reasons for their choice. And when doing that, I realized, that people are worried about one problem and one problem only – the immigration and its impact on the market on all levels. Nearly all of them clearly stated – guys, we have nothing about you, but look what we are facing economically. Housing prices highest in the whole EU. Competition at work one of the highest too for every month some 30k people arrive to look for jobs. Of course, the level of English of the migrants is important too. When they are living and working here, it becomes H&S issue as well. And many of that are forced to illegal employment even further damaging the job market.

Many of those people kind of believed “the experts” from the Remain Camp, that leaving will affect the immediate well-being of the country, but they were adamant about that it still outweighs the damage done by the high immigration. The thing is, I do not believe “these experts” and their grim predictions at all. You can find out a little bit about my views on this in my previous post, called – Brexit. The Day After Tomorrow.

All in all, the dissatisfaction with the governments is extremely high.

And knowing all the fear that has been poured over the society, and how it affects the minds of people, I can clearly say – this is a very strong victory for the Leave. I can say that the real numbers of those supporting the Leave are much higher than 52%. If people knew all the lies involved, it would be some 75% versus 25%. So we can clearly state – this outcome of 52 versus 48 is a very strong statement from the society. Will the governments and the opposition… listen to that?

The most important thing right now is – what to do next. First of all, everyone should understand some things. And that I have covered in my previous blog. For only if you take into account all the mechanisms that create or take away the prosperity for all, the UK can really flourish. At the same time I can also warn you, that it is possible to screw everything and ensure the Status Quo is preserved. That would make the whole Leave ridiculous.

So be warned. Learn as much as you can.

Remember. To learn, one must understand the whole system, every single aspect involved properly, not like in those discussions. I must say, that the discussions provided by the BBC, with exception of few, for instance – The Daily Politics, were very poor. Especially the last one, the Great Debate of the BBC. Everyone was being cut off unfinished. Loads of emotions. Unfinished views etc… So for this reason it even seemed to me that it was done on purpose to screw the quality of the discussion in order to leave more impact for the fear. because fear can be overtaken by knowledge, by understanding the problem profoundly. And the last Great Discussion in no way provided that. Just the opposite.

One more thing to talk about concerning the Leave before this blog is finished. The drop of the Financial Markets.

Those of the Remain Camp say – we told you so… The problem is, that investors quite often are not the brightest of people themselves. And after hearing so much from the politicians and other scaremongers that the Market will suffer, they decided to be the first to run along with their sacks of money… Basically, it is an artificially created problem. We can not exclude that there are some people, like George Soros for instance, who could have done something in order to punish the Brits for this decision.

The truth is, the UK can only be stronger outside any of these global projects. The markets will come recover and come back to normal soon and the picnickers will simply have lost some of their money. I am not a believer that it will happen for it is not a matter of a blind belief. I am adamant that it will be just like that. Of course, everything must be managed properly to get there. But prospects are far better than within the EU, if the right people will come to power. So it is up to Brits completely now which way to go. And this is the most important question now. Everyone has to face the new reality. That’s it!

My view is clear! To Leave was the absolutely best and the only right choice for the UK. If the UK was afraid of unknown consequences and voted to Remain, and by this showing that they are not sure about themselves, about their own ability to build a great economy, than the UK should simultaneously replace the name of the Great Britain to the Miserable Britain. I am absolutely sure the leave was the right decision and great prospects are lying in front of whole British society.

What is even more important and interesting, joining some dodgy unions has never been a true Labour’s approach! It was Tony Blair who liked and still likes this idea. But he has never been a true Labour in his soul anyway! So for a true Labour to Leave is the only choice and we all should celebrate that. And on top of that I would like to declare, that I am also a big supporter of protectionism. But let us leave this for another post.

So, all in all – Congratulations!!!

So let us see what will follow. For as I have said on many occasions previously, it is not leaving that makes the change, but what decisions will be made afterwards.

That is all for now.

Have a nice day!


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