The Brexit campaign! The Proof of the Lack of Democracy? What is the Democracy anyway?

So How the Democracy Worked When It emerged!

It comes from the philosophical movements of that time, when people of the ancient Greek city Athens were quite educated and prosperous and growing more independent over the time. At some point they realized that they understand quite good their own lives and had their own understandings of what and why should be done to sort out some problems in their societies. And above all, that they have some kind of power over the governors.

The governors, in contrast (in that time as in these days alike), are too far away from understanding what and why is happening “on the floor”. So the idea of democracy emerged, when people themselves realized their own power and knowledge about what and how to do in order to solve the problems, when they realized that they can control the governors. In this way they realized, that the governors can and must be only servants to the society, not self-serving dictators. And for that time, for that kind of society it truly was a great and extraordinary solution.

So people came to the consensus  that they can all take part in ruling over themselves by voting, where the highest rated opinion would be applied to all, and that would be an order to the governors to act in certain way, to implement certain conditions and laws and enforce them.

Unfortunately, the world has gone a long way from that time. And the democracy as it was at that time and there, is nothing like we have it today.

To go further we have to understand another aspect of the Democracy – what is it’s purpose!

What is the purpose of Democracy!

The rule of the people, right? Why would they need this power, and why is it any good for the society itself? Who said it is the best system of governing the society?

The main purpose of having this type of governing the society is to make sure that the best solutions and/or the most satisfying solutions are found for ALL those it will be applied to. It is generally perceived that people themselves know best what will be best for them. Unfortunately, it can be true only within certain conditions, where UNDERSTANDING THE WORLD AND YOURSELF is one of the most important together with certain level of self-disciple. But this is another topic.

First condition in ensuring the democracy achieves its goals is the size of the society to which Democracy is being applied to. In Athens it was quite small society, and not everyone, actually, was allowed to take part in voting. Only those most educated and with certain status in society (and citizenship) were allowed to take part in it. Of course, there were many other conditions that determined who you are and what you can or cannot do. But that is not so important right now.

Apart from that, everyone with the right to vote had a chance to have a say and, what is more important (especially in contrast to today), to be heard. But this system can be applied only to certain size of the society, if you want to have the most benefits of it. It would not work if the society is too small and/or too big. And this is only one of the problems we are facing today with this system.

The second condition (already mentioned before) is – that not everyone had a right to vote. And this is extremely important condition. For to be able to choose the best for yourself, you, actually, must have quite a good understanding of quite a few things happening around you on a daily basis. And I mean you really must have a true and proper knowledge about how the economical, social and other systems that affect the well-being of every single person in certain society work, in order to be able to choose the most appropriate solution. Today it is completely ignored.

Today it works completely differently. Today people vote much more for the personalities, not for the policies. And absolutely everyone has a right to vote, which can be extremely damaging and opens the door for emotional choices being picked. This is especially an important issue because the world and the conditions in it have changed so much since the democracy in Athens, that it is extremely difficult to understand how and what works in it even if you are a professional politician, let alone an ordinary person. So knowing that, how can you get the best out the democracy for the people themselves? The answer is – you not only can not, but you will definitely fail every single time when following this system.

Let me draw you a picture. Once I was at the Trade Union Conference, where members were proposing and discussing and voting about what solutions to different problems they want the Trade Union officials to present to politicians in order to work towards implementing of them into the law. And one of the proposals was to demand the existing government to implement a requirement that all driver trainees must undergo certain hours with a professional instructor and have finished certain driving hours in specially adapted cars.

In many countries it is a law to do so. Not in the UK though. It is especially important to understand it because the traffic in the UK is especially intensive and busy, and for this reason dangerous.

Of course, this requirement would mean some extra expenses to many families, who tend to train their children themselves. Still, in my view and I am adamant about it, this is not normal, because new drivers can confuse the pedals and lose control of the car in some very difficult situations, that can arise. For example, if a trainee is driving and all of a sudden a child runs out in front of the car. Depending on the situation and the reaction of the trainee the kid can sustain some injuries or even die.

In that Conference I was sitting next to a woman, who was voting against this proposal. And I started a discussion about it. She explained that for her it would mean certain expenses and that she can not afford that and that she successfully has taught her son to drive without any cars specially designed for that and instructors.

I explained to her that by training he could have got into the situation with a kid running in front of the car, which she dismissed as nonsense because her son is a smart person and so is she and there is nothing that could happen because of that and, for this reason, why to pay for the training more. I asked about her children and she did not have any small kids. She said she is caring about other families that are in the same situation as she was.

When I asked her about another situation, as if she had small children, and somebody else, who is not so fortunate at training and whose kids are not as smart as hers, were going through the training on the road and run over her kids, what would be her reaction than, because it is more than possible. The question in a way angered her and she just cut our discussion by saying that she is not in that situation and for this reason she voted to dismiss the proposal.

The basic idea of describing this situation is – the average person, even though they truly can be quite smart, do not care about others and never think further than their own gain in short-term. People often even do not understand the consequences of their decisions in very simple things, let alone such problems as economics. For this reason, in today’s democracy, it is impossible to come to the best solution for all. And often, if a politician is a wise person and understand those issues, he becomes non-electable, because he can not lie and go against his consciousness. For people want what is damaging to them, and if you do not satisfy their desire for self-destruction, they will not elect you.

I call this system a Bullycracy (sooner or later there should be an article on this), instead of Democracy. And only those politicians who want the power at all cost, they are happy to promise and implement everything people ask them to do. Needless to say that the lack or proper knowledge and consciousness is a reason for emerge of manipulation Technics in order to play the emotional state of the electorate best. And this is exactly what the politicians today are doing. No one can get elected if he truly understands what is good and what is damaging to society, and with policies to apply it. No chance in “this democracy”. For this reason all the existing politicians are not worthy and do not deserve to rule ever. But let us not blame them. It is our scholars who are at the core of the problem. If they did their job, the whole perception of what is good and what is bad would have changed, together with the ways the societies are being run.

Another problem of today’s democracy is – Who can be elected.

And this is pretty much the same as who can take part in voting.

In ideal world the person who votes must be emotionally stable and voting ALWAYS for the best solution for all, even though it could mean some restrains to himself. But to do that, apart from the emotional stability, he must know pretty good how things work and what solution will lead where. unfortunately, not everyone is capable to understand that, and even fewer people are ever willing to learn it. But when it comes to the representatives, it becomes extremely important.

In today’s democracies around the world ANYONE CAN BE ELECTED, as long as he is the citizen of the country and has reached certain age and enough people are happy to vote for him. As you see, no knowledge is needed as a requirement to hold the post of the representative of the people. In my view it is utterly stupid.

So all in all today’s democracy heavily differs from the ancient one. And today’s democracy is impossible for achieving its goals – happy society and the best for at least majority of it. It simply is not possible. And I have not been discussing the problems today’s democracy has in detail at all. If I did, everyone would be able to understand that it is truly a system that leads to evil and unfairness, even though for a short time it may seem to be working very good.

One may say, and what would be the best system or at least better than democracy even with all its faults. After all people like repeating Churchill’s quote – democracy is the worst system, but nothing better has been invented yet…, or something similar to this.

And I will not answer this question right now, because it is not the aim of this post. But be sure, the article on what could be the best system of self-governing of the society, will come. And even the today’s democracy is so faulty, that it is no better or worse than any other system of government. So why to cherish it?

But let us go back to the main purpose of this post!

The main purpose of this post!

Of course, it is the Brexit!

Actually, it is the true face of democracy that is being revealed in this campaign.

For democracy to work one must make sure that all the existing opinions have the same opportunities in terms of time and financial means. And a true leader, even though he is supporting a certain view, would make sure that there is equality ensured to all sides involved. Without that there is no chance for some opinions to reach the voters. And in that case it would open the door for manipulations and some opinions being sank in obscurity.

If the leader of the country is a true leader and truly wants the best for the people, he most definitely would work towards clarity and accessibility of all opinions and the quality of them. What we see in this campaign for the referendum, is just the opposite.

First of all only one of the opinions is being sponsored by the state. Secondly and most importantly, emotional and clearly lying statements are predominating anything else. it seems that somebody is really desperate to will by all costs, and he is going to sacrifice anything, including the best principles and purpose of democracy itself.

Should we call it a good and honorable governing over the country? No chance.

It can only be good if the governing persons made sure that all the opinions are heard equally and the quality of the reasons are very high. And the main leader of the country would be ready to genuinely listen to the views of the people and really bring them about even though they are against his own conviction. Of course, if the discussion has been organized in a proper way.

One could ask – how about my own conviction that most of the people should not take part in voting because they are incapable or willing to understand the topic. Yes, that is true. Still, if the discussion has been conducted decently, everyone would be exposed to simple and clear knowledge to make a reasonable choice. And even if the view of the ruling politicians lose, and even if they were right about what they said, they should accept the outcome of the referendum and implement the will of people.

For there is this saying – the will of people is the Will of God. And politicians should look at this just like as at that – the Will of God.

What if the wrong views have prevailed?

Everything is very simple. If the “wrong views” won, than it is a clear sign the politicians that support the opposite view are not up to the job, for they failed to explain and prove their views, or, that they have been oppressed and the democracy is only an illusion.

What I wanted to say with all this

We live in a miserable and full with lies society. We can not trust anyone. The “Rule of People” is no more than illusion. No one wants us to know what really is happening. Ruling politicians, from ANY political party, like to keep the society in darkness, for than it is very easy to manipulate the electorate. Partly it comes from the lack of understanding by politicians themselves.

So this Referendum is a clear proof of what kind of democracy we live in. And there is NOTHING WHATSOEVER TO BE PROUD OF. And that is a problem of whole world. For this reason I do not take part in elections whatsoever. Even the referendum will only prove that some scaremongers have been more successful than others…

Have a nice day!





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