The Brexit campaign! The Proof of the Lack of Democracy? What is the Democracy anyway?

Do you know what it means and what it should mean, this Democracy? Unfortunately, if you move closer to what this concept really means, or what it should mean, you would realize, that there is no democracy in today’s world at all, despite political leaders announcing the opposite and being proud of it. And the way the Brexit campaign is being conducted is just another proof of that.

To understand anything, we have to answer the question – what is the Democracy?

As we know that, the word Democracy consist of two Greek words – demos (people or nation) and kratos (power or rule). So basically it is “The rule of the people” or something like that.

The first question to answer is – why do the people need to rule over themselves and what good is it from that, if any

To find the answer to this, we have to answer some other questions before. First of all we have to understand where does the concept of democracy come from and how did it work in the beginning of it. Than, what is the main purpose of having this kind of running the societies. And than, are the goals being achieved. And only afterwards we can turn to the main question of this topic – is there any Democracy and honesty in how the Brexit campaign is being conducted.

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