Eurovision 2016. How Did the UK Do and who and why Won?

Unfortunately, it must be said, and it has been said as long as I remember that – Eurovision is politically orientated. Still, there are always some stories that have not been told. And indeed, did the UK deserve the place it had or should it be higher?

In my view, the UK has done very good this year. Personally I liked their performance. In other time and circumstances they could even have won…, in my view. Still, in terms of the show, Russia was head and shoulders above all. But the political situation in Ukraine has determined the winner and took away some points from the Russia. That is a pity.

Australia’s song was very good. But in terms of the show in general terms it was kind of grey. Nothing special. Personally I was surprised it got that high-ranking at all.

Something to always remember is – some countries have more friends, some have more their own people being spread all over the Europe, so that they can affect the outcome for their countries or of the performer, if it originates from a particular nation. And I am not speaking about Australia here. More like about Eastern Europe countries. For it has been a case in the history of the Eurovision when somebody with Russian origins, but not from Russia, can win easier than, let us say, being and Englishman from the UK. Of course, if the performance of this particular contender will be poor, he will not go far anyway. People do not vote for their own with the attitude – whatever happens… But if he is truly good, he will receive quite a lot on top of what he really deserves.

And it is true, that for the UK it is more difficult to win than for those from Eastern Europe. But look at the Spain. Spain and Italy are not doing too well also.

Something to know is – The contest has gone a long way and all the participant countries are investing quite a good money in order to impress and win. And the political situation in the world at the time always plays an important role too, which, actually, is kind of misery, and a case of the year 2016. Unfortunately it is the Juries that have proved to be the most affected by politics, not the general public, and we were able to see it for the first time. In my view it had to be the other way round, when the Jury is absolutely professional, judging the quality of the performance of the singer and that one of the show in general. People can afford to be emotional, but not those who are called professionals of some kind. So the Juries are very unprofessional, in my view.

The fact that all those Juries of different countries have voted so differently only tells us that either they are no professionals at all, or they are too weak to stay objective because of the emotions caused by the political situation in the world. The new way of revealing the results just showed that it is Juries that fail, not the public. For it is a complete mystery to me how so many Juries did not give a single point to Russia, when thy rated so high some others with quite grey performances.

Having said that we have to mention that there are always a couple of good tendencies too. Usually, at the top are only those who really deserve it, at least most of them. Of course, some kind of political motivation can affect which place will be taken, and whether the victory will slip off their hands or not. But at the top will always be those who deserve it. And who does not get anything, usually has not impressed genuinely too. Over many years it has been the case that those who are undeniably the best, they win. But to do that they really must stand out. And not in the professional way, but how thy have performed, the whole aura of their show, of the personalities. And the UK in terms of this was pretty good.

Remember the Beatles. Of course, I am not a musician, but still, everyone can judge to certain level. Their lyrics were very interesting and inspiring for the time, but their performance, especially compared to the quality of the music today, was kind of poor, in my view. What really was their undeniably most strong point is – their personalities. If a musician can make the public perceive them as one of them, funny and relaxed, and make them talk about them, than they can sell anything. Everything depends on how genuine and appealing those personal qualities are. There are some things nobody can fake in terms of those qualities. Those personal qualities make musicians or politicians popular. And if they really possess some kind of talent on top of that, than they can go very far, like the Beatles, like Boris Johnson in Labour controlled London etc.

So what is the conclusion of the Eurovision 2016!

First things first – all contenders have done a really good job and deserved to be there. In my view nearly all deserved to be at the top 5. The UK definitely had the potential to be much higher than place 24.

But because all were too obsessed with the politics in the Ukraine, the whole picture changed. Answer yourself this question – would this song go so far if there was not this invasion of Russia in Crimea? In my view – no chance.

Imagine – if one of the Baltic states has written a song about the year 1949, when so many of their people were sent to Siberia and shot at the spot, crying about that! Than they would only lose points for the song in which they are crying about their past.

Or let us say Israel had a song about Holocaust and Auschwitz… Without any present problem in today’s world they would lose everything with songs like that. For this reason we all know that this song was a message to Putin and Russia in general, and it was about the present situation, despite the song being called “1944”. And despite it being so political, it was not banned. That is a pity.

The organisers of the Eurovision contest had to be more wise. With this song from Ukraine they have set a precedent that political motives not only can get through, but they also can win.

And there is a tendency that every next year some countries try to copy the general idea and approach from the winner of the previous year. Let’s wait and see what kind of politics will be on the menu next year and many years to follow.

I would like to see the organisers of Eurovision to dismiss anyone who will follow the pattern of the Ukraine in those years to come. It can make the whole contest even more ridiculous.

Let’s just sit and wait and we will see!

Apart from politics, it was quite a good show.

Have a nice day!


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