Is Ken Livingston an Anti-Semite? Who Hates Who, that is the question!

So is this a case of antisemitism or the most of society is under the spell?

What are we fighting for, who are we fighting against, and most importantly, what do we want to achieve? Where this whole circus is going to lead us?

If the sayings of those two people are so serious as they have been painted, than I dread to think what the society is going to do with more serious transgressions.

We live for a long time in society of punishments, in society of bullying. In a very unfair society, and I mean the whole Western society, let alone those who are disadvantaged. the attitude towards Jews and Israel is a very unhealthy one for the whole democracy in it. We should stop exaggerating things and start looking openly into face of our shortcomings without terrorizing those “thinking or speaking out wrongly”.

Or we have to get ready for very big troubles that are growing in secrecy under our carpets.


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