Is Ken Livingston an Anti-Semite? Who Hates Who, that is the question!

So what are the key accusations. That journalist who attacked him, was repeating all the time the name of Hitler, asking whether it really was necessary to mention him or something like that. i was thinking, is he trying to make a name for himself or working for the Conservatives. It was so unnaturally. It seemed that most of those journalists did not believe what they were shouting and they were doing it only because they had to react in this way.

But what if this, what Ken Livingston said, is a true fact? And than what is wrong with mentioning it? Is it a crime?

I have to admit that I never was able to understand how can it be that somebody can be arrested in Israel for denying the existence of Holocaust. For me it seems obvious fact. But if this is the only fact that some people want to hear from what Hitler did and was planning to do, that that is a hypocrisy too. For as far as I know Hitler had some plans of extermination of Gypsies too declaring them kind of dirty and unworthy to live people or something like that.

I am freely paraphrasing what I have heard and can not guarantee the preciseness of the last story. But I believe it is very realistic and could have happened. And probably he wanted to eliminate some other nations too, in one way or another, maybe not so determinedly and harshly as Jews. But who cares about Gypsies and others, right?

And I am not in any way trying to justify or make look less horrible that what was done to Jews. And I am not saying this because I’ve got the feeling that somebody is already sharpening his knife or getting ready his cuffs.

The fact is, and I have read this by myself, many years ago in Hitlers own book (Mein Kampf – My Struggle or My Wrestling etc), that at the beginning of his activities he liked Jews and was defending them in the antisemitic circles he was living in. Hitler is writing this about himself in his book. So for me it would not even be a surprise that Hitler was pro-Zion at some point in “his career”.

Just a short note about Mein Kampf. Extremely boring book. I do not recommend it. If I read a book and after first 20 or so pages I can not find anything worthy continuing, I stop reading it. This was just the case with this book. Still, it can be a useful source for some historian.

So if that is a fact, that Hitler was pro-Zion, which it could be, and the next one about 100 Palestinians for every one Jew is also a fact, than what is the problem? The problem rather seems to be some stupidity or some kind of fear (from what is still a mystery to me) that has affected journalists and officials. It seems that even a wrong intonation pronouncing Israel can cost a place for a politician or a bureaucrat. Is it normal?

The problem is – you don’t touch the holly caws. Why not? And if we can not touch “the holly caws” whatever happens, than maybe we should stop calling our societies democratic altogether? And who and why has declared anything to be “this holly caw”?

By the way, the state of Israel is build with excuses that it is God’s plan. Unfortunately, as such, it should be following the Biblical Laws and principles, described in the Teaching of Moses (Tora), which I believe is not from God and even not from Moses in the first place. This is another story and will be available soon in the blog post called Tora. So how comes that in the name of God the principles of God are not only being ignored, but even severally abused? How can you kill 100 for every 1? What has happened to the “eye for an eye” principle?

If somebody thinks, that it applies only to Jews and the relationship among them, that he does not know anything about righteousness whatsoever. And that has always been the main problem of Jews since they lost the favor of God and up to now – there is no righteousness and even willingness to find it among them. Often even among deeply religious Jews.

But why the whole Western world behaves in this mad way when the Israel and Jews are concerned? I could understand that Israelis themselves do not see their failures, because it simply is incorporated in our human nature – we fail to recognize our failures. All of us. But we tend to be good at spotting the failures of others. So why all of a sudden we all, meaning the Western world, lose this ability in this case? Why is it taboo to criticize Israel, to mention Zionism? It is officially a Zionism, because returning to the promised land is returning to Zion, which means – Stronghold, and is another name for Jerusalem. And Jerusalem’s own name means – The City Of Peace. Only I would not call it a Peace. If thousands of police are necessary in order to sustain the peace, it is no Peace. Peace is when no protection is needed whatsoever. Prove me wrong if you can.

And how far the West is ready to go in order to satisfy somebodies willingness for wrongdoings? And why?

Of course, I realize that the Palestinians, at least some groups of them, are no saints at all. And I do not have any plans to defend them. Still, we all know from the history that such pain they have suffered never goes away. The grudge stays always with those who have been hurt in this way. Only a miracle can change their minds. And Israelis have done a lot to keep this injury of theirs open and fresh.

But this is what Israel should understand – to have a conflict you need two idiots. Actually, I myself should listen to me right now… lol

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