Is Ken Livingston an Anti-Semite? Who Hates Who, that is the question!

Why did I say that some enormous amounts of money have been used for the creation of Israel? I have been watching some videos for some time now where I hoped to get some wise words from those that call themselves wise. And many of those videos were lectures and teachings of Jewish Rabbis. And without willing to do that some of them have revealed that at certain point in their lives they have been approached by some unspecified persons who offered them a good money in exchange for them to start to study Tora, become a religious Jew and to start to work towards returning people to Israel. And they even revealed that the money for this will be granted or something like that.

So I believe there are some people with some money behind the whole creation of Israel. And of course, there can be no more proof from me on this. Unfortunately, the vast majority of Israel’s people today still are secular people. The country is quite brutal to anyone who disagrees with the ruling politics.

For instance I remember one video, where an American youngster declared that he also is a Jew and tried to talk in public about brutalities and injustice towards Palestinians. He was acting quite friendly and not even loud. Simply somebody was filming and he with a smile on his face was proclaiming some slogans about justice or something like that. It was quite innocent in my view. But the Israels officials, I am not sure about was it police or army, very quickly approached him and brutally pushed him to the ground and while putting cuffs on him they were doing their best to hurt him, of course, “completely accidentally”. But it was so obvious that they were letting out their personal judgement and punishment on him. And it was accompanied by them saying – you are no Jew to me…, or something like that. Disgusting. This is the face of Israel I have seen on many occasions. I have no other experience. Of course I know that there live some very religious and also non-religious people that are decent and righteous. Still, they all will be judged by the official state of theirs.

What I wanted to say by describing this situation is, that Israel today is a society and state penetrated by hatred and brutality on many levels. Even when you see and listen to their leader, it is like Hillsborough’s Dave Dackenfield when was younger and less wise, when his approach was – my way or highway. He has admitted his failures and changed since. But this is not the case with Israels leaders. Whoever disagrees with them is declared an enemy to whole Israel.

One thing I can say for sure in this situation is this – The chosen nation or not, God’s favor is with the righteous. And there is little or no righteousness right now in Israel’s secular power. And that is the very reason why God has turned his face away from Jews in the first place. But right now they say, we are not going to change, but God will come and save us. What can I say – good luck with that. They also believe that many miracles have happened since the state of Israel was established. And it really may seem so. Only time will show. God always gives a time to everyone to return to Him. Just nobody knows what is God and how to return to Him.

But let us go back to poor Mr Livingston and his story.

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