Is Ken Livingston an Anti-Semite? Who Hates Who, that is the question!

We live in a very strange democracies and freedoms. Have I told you that we live in a world of lies and pretending and senseless punishments? If the answer is -no, than you have not read my blog post called Hillsborough Disaster 1989. And in my view this story is just another excellent example of bullycracy instead of democracy in action.

So what did cause the outcry and made some journalists and MP’s behave in a rather erratic way, as if they really have caught a true hypocrite and truly evil man. It really caught my attention and I wanted to find out more about this story immediately.

One thing that has seem strangely clear to me is that whatever concerns Israel, and if it is not really flattering it, for some reason straight away becomes the anti-Semitic action, and seemingly whole society seems to be willing to tear the unfortunate person that said something not so fortunate into parts. At times it really becomes even disgusting to watch it.

Israel and the Jews nowadays are no less holly as cows in India. It just does not make any sense, especially when there seems to be no reason for any of that kind of behavior.

What I know from first hand experience by talking to people is, that people have not changed much about their views, including Jews. What has changed is they speak in the kitchens freely, and become nearly dumb when it comes to public, for they can quickly be persecuted and lose their positions etc. So the tolerance that shines on the surface of the Western societies, actually, is not real. The problem has been swept under the carpet…

The danger with this is, that you sweep under the carpet a small problem, and without you knowing it, it secretly grows into one enormous giant. This giant at certain point becomes to big and strong and emerges from behind his hideout. And only than “the whole fun” starts…

Wise men do not hide their problems, they face them. Oppressed problem is not solved problem. It is postponed. It is better for everyone to be able to speak freely. And it is governments duty to find arguments, info and solutions to it. Do not sweep anything under the carpet.

I am completely against any discrimination and racism and the wrongdoings, unrighteousness in any form whatsoever. But there are some things, that have escalated and are being abused and do not serve their main aim – creation of fair and righteous and tolerant societies. people truly feel oppressed for they can not express their own views about certain topics. And one of them is Israel and Jews. They truly seem to be hillier than the caws in India. If seeing anomaly in this is antisemitism, than I could be labeled as one too.

So my wonder is, what is happening? Why so overheated reactions at times?

Let us see what Ken Livingston has said and whether he has any point whatsoever.

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