Hilsborough Disaster, 1989

In my view the best way to deal with this disaster and all those shortcomings at the time of it and afterwards, should be by thorough examination of everything only in order to understand deeper the whole mechanisms that have led to it. And it will be impossible if people will be scared that they may be prosecuted. Fear brings up self-defense shield, and people start to tell half-stories, to interpret things in order to make them look better. So the system of punishment is actually holding us away from the truth and for this reason, away from the fair society, and it is just the very approach that has led to 27 years being needed to get to the sentence of “unlawful killing”. And this is miles and miles away from what we could call a complete Justice, true understanding of what and why happened, and what has led to that.

Let this Disaster become a new driving force that takes the whole society to a new level of looking at things and processes we all are affected by. Let us start by examining the very core values of our, so-called Western Societies.

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