Hilsborough Disaster, 1989

The purpose of imprisonment.

In ideal society the system of punishment should not exist at all. But some form of imprisonment still could be necessary. But it only should be applied to those who can not stop themselves from doing wrongs to others deliberately. And when imprisoned, they should undergo certain procedures that could affect their worldviews and attitudes towards the whole society and single individuals alike. To achieve that the person imprisoned must be introduced and educated into the Knowledge about the social processes. Some of that Knowledge I dare to try to explain on my web sites. Only that they are at the very beginning of being accomplished and for that reason only small parts MY VIEWS ON THAT are available at the time of writing this blog post.

Unfortunately, not only the wrongdoers, but the whole society needs to be educated about some even basic processes surrounding us. And without that there is not possible to create a fair and full with opportunities society, we all would like to live in. And without such socially economic environment it is close to impossible to return to normal life those that have been damaged by the environment we live in today.

Long story short – the purpose of imprisonment should NEVER BE A PUNISHMENT. NEVER. Punishments may satisfy some of our emotional desires to hurt those whose actions have hurt us, but they not only no not solve anything, they create more suffering in the world. And it is especially important to understand in those cases when the person who has done something wrong has understood and truly regrets his actions. Such person is no longer danger to society. But imprisonment should be applied only to those that are clearly known for being unable to control and/or change themselves.

Those about who we can be sure they regret and will change their ways, should not be punished and imprisoned. We ourselves will have to pay to sustain them in the jail. After all, most of the people believe in God and the Judgement day in the World to Come. I certainly do. And if this is the case, than nobody will go unpunished. Everyone will get what they reserve. But, knowing this, we ourselves should be extra careful when judging and punishing others, even if the case seems very obvious. By doing that we can perform a wrongdoing ourselves, and we ourselves can come to the judgement for this.

So what do we do in this case?

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