Hilsborough Disaster, 1989

It really is a disgrace to the whole society (again, not only British), that in such obvious case as Hillsborough disaster, for so many years so many officials have failed on so many levels. It is a disaster in its own right. And it is one of the most important contributing factors that led to this disaster in the first place.

So who is to blame. And normally we only see those directly involved in the direct decision-making that led to the horrible outcome. But this is only, as they say, the visible part of the iceberg.

Behind the scenes there are failures for many years by whole society, by the groups that are in charge of appointing the representatives and officials, like in this case, along with many upon many politicians. You all remember, even Andy Burnham raised the question only after he was silenced at the stadium before one of the games, when he wanted to deliver a speech and mentioned the victims of the disaster.

But what about before that. The evidence was overwhelming all the time about what and how had happened. Anyone who wanted to know, was completely free to go and find out and raise the matter all these years. Nobody, apart from the families of the victims, did.

Does not it tell us something about the politicians, about the system of Justice and all involved in it? Does not it tell us so much about the media, who failed again and again to uphold the case?

It truly looks that all those people (politicians, police, judges, prosecutors, media etc), were covering each other for all those years. And that is a true disgrace.

And it all comes down to the social environment we live in. The levels of righteousness and fairness in our societies has a direct effect on how things evolve in case like this, and that cases like this occur in the first place. SOME OF THE FACTORS  I HAVE ALREADY MENTIONED BEFORE.

So who to blame? Those that run the whole system behind the scenes or those whose direct actions led to this? And is it possible to find out the true players in this?

My view on this is, that it is media who have to act first and serve as the watchdog of all wrongdoings. But to report the wrongdoing is nothing, and even harmful to certain extent, if it is not followed by what to do, by what leads to any particular phenomenon and/or disaster in the society.

If the media can not raise the solutions and bring about quality discussions on any matter, what they can not and do not today, than there is no much point to have such media. All the so-called shows that deal with social matters only raise the questions and never ever come to the bottom of the causes and never come up with the solutions that would be based on true and sophisticated understanding of the situation. Never.

If you watch the media, they discuss the same topics again and again. Generations change, politicians change, and the next ones start again from the beginning. And the reason for that is that nobody ever gets to the bottom of all the problems. Especially television is incapable to do that, because their times are so limited, and all they want is to earn some money by attracting bigger audiences. So for them problem solved means money lost.

But let us imagine that we have got to the all true reasons of all problems, have found all the culprits and what do we do than? Do we punish them? And if we do, have we achieved what we wanted? Is it not the case that by punishing someone you punish his family members too? And should we think about them ever? Is not this very attitude that brings the pain in the world in the first place – our careless thinking and dealing with the problems. Because all the problems come from this, and the directors of all societies follow this approach.

So if this is the approach that leads to the problems, should we also apply it back to them instead of trying to find all satisfying solutions? What would be the Just and Righteous way to act? What would be the point to send anybody to jail, especially knowing, that in cases like this the minor culprits get tried and sentenced? Again – What is the purpose of punishment and imprisonment?

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