Hilsborough Disaster, 1989

In a way, David Dackenfield is a product and victim of this football worshiping in Britain society. When he decided to open those gates, it was, of course, a very bad judgement. But he did not do it to earn so money, he did what he considered to be a completely harmless help to those who “love football”. He did it because he understood how eager those people were to witness the kick-off of the game.

He definitely did not have a clue about dangers that were ready and waiting for the moment. But as I have said, it is not the failure of him, but the whole system, the values that lie at the very basis of our society, many of which are alive even today…

His biggest human failure is not that he let those people in, but what he did and did not after the tragedy. But again, only if we can see the whole picture, we can judge.

One could ask – if David Dackenfield has suffered so much from what he has done, than why did he deny his shortcomings all those years. A good question.

And this question leads us to another contributing factor – What kind of society we live in today? And the short answer is – the society of punishment, that tends to be merciless and cruel, (just the opposite of what the essence of God is) that has caused another problem – pretending and hiding at all costs in order to escape “the execution”, either it is spiritual or physical…

We live in the societies, and I mean whole so-called developed world, that can be called by only one name – pretending. Pretending and lies are one and the same thing.

It all starts with pretending that we care about each other, that we love and serve God, that share fairly the fruits of our work. In reality nothing of that exist.

I am not going into details about this right now, I will do it in due time later on.

What is important right now is, that because of this system of lies, either it is a so-called Christian or Muslim or Jewish or any other world, we have created the environment where many must work long and hard just to survive,  while others become extremely rich with little or no effort. And less fortunate people do not fit into this at all and are thrown out as garbage altogether.

This system always creates the layers of the fortunate, less fortunate etc. And those lucky ones tend to stick together and help each other out in order to secure their fortunes.

If somebody falls out of it, he is done. So the society is run by fear to fall out and desires to get in by all means. These desires and fears are very powerful over the minds of humans. And under their influence many commit terrible mistakes and even crimes.

Is anything of what Mr Dackenfield has done a crime? I don’t think so. If only he has done anything clearly understanding where it would lead and he did it because of certain gains from it. If not proven, it is only a terrible misfortune. And, as I have said earlier, it is rather showing the failure of the whole society rather than this man.

So those who suffered most and lost their loved ones in this must think very clearly now about – What is Justice? And whether punishing this and maybe some other officials of that time will do any good? Is not it the time for all of us to sit down and start to think about the very fundamental values that are at the core of our societies. And I mean the whole world.

What is Justice?

By the way, this story could serve as a precedent to open any other cases of that time, when police has acted lawful,  like the case of the Battle of Orgreave!!!, like police actions at the Rupert Murdoch’s Wapping Dispute etc. The same with the failures of  “Sir Jimmy Savile, child abuse at Rotherham etc., you name it.

But dealing with this one should remember what kind of society we live in today and what we are going to achieve. For getting the Justice as this concept is understood today is nothing. Because of fear to fall out of the system there would be a great resistance again.

If we want not only to find out everything as it was, and it is extremely important if we want to build a more safe and fair societies, that the society of punishments should be abolished.  Only those who deliberately seek to harm others should be deprived of their chances to do that.

And again, nothing will be possible if the very basement of our societies won’t be changed.

The question is – what can we do? Where do we start etc… What do we want!?

One of the first things the victims want is to persecute and send to jail the main culprits. But who are the main culprits, and will you ever get to them? And who should be punished and how? All these are the questions about Justice and Righteousness.  And, of course, what is the main purpose of the punishments!?

To answer all these questions, let us start with the question – who is the main culprit!?

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