Hilsborough Disaster, 1989

Mr Dackenfield has said that he now is much older and wiser. And I fully believe it. He has come to this through the pain of blaming himself for all those years. As a matter of fact, people who have gone through this pain, often truly become wiser and could serve as tutors to others. Let no one blame him for all those mistakes because no one has been in the shoes that has formed his personality, including the character of the society of that time, and those aspects that rise him to this position.

Nothing occurs without God’s will. And this also is not an exclusion. This tragedy, actually, is a way God speaks to whole society and the shortcomings of the whole society!

One could ask – what on earth this all has to do with God!!!???

The fact is, everything. God speaks to us on every day basis. God is present at all times. And it is us who create our own fates.

In this case, it is not God Who punished anyone. It is us who punished ourselves by turning away from God. Do you remember the scriptures – Exodus 34:14

14. for you shall not worship any other god, for the LORD, whose name is Jealous, is a jealous God…

One may ask – how comes that his God,  who says He is so living and forgiving, is also jealous and cruel at the same time? A good question.

The problem is – the human king of today does not understand the essence of God. As I said previously, God is loving and caring. But to reap the blessings of His Love and His Care, we must be worthy of it and truly be serving Him. We can not do that either if we do not understand (know) Him, or if something else is more favorable to us than Him. And in this case we have point out, and that is another contributing factor to the disaster, that a football in Britain is favored to God.

To fully understand how it works I have to give you a short insight into this.

God is Love. But what on earth is Love? In fact,  it has nothing to do with the emotional attraction to each other we understand the Love today. A divine Love is a True Care for anybody and anything. It means, emotionally one can even hate somebody else, but as a sensible human being he still cares for his well-being.

If the societies and world were run by this attitude and approach in all things, we would have been living in very happy AND SAFE societies for ages.

So if this is true, than we are with Good when we think about our safety and the safety of others at every single step of ours. If at certain point we prefer the fun of football higher than this Love-Care safety in what is the essence of God Himself, the tragedy is on its way.

So again. God does not punish anyone. We live in the world ruled by very distinct principles and laws. It works as precisely as the reflection in the mirror. When we fail others and God, we do not fail Him and them, we fail ourselves.

God is Love and care. Whoever in his heart follows these principles, will be rewarded or will reward himself with the blessings of God. He will be like in God’s Shelter, over which nothing has power.

So the jealousy of God is not jealousy of human beings. God is not a human, scriptures say. God is Holly. And Holly means – perfect, without blemish. But jealousy is not a trait of perfectness.

The prophets only called God jealous because it seemed to be the only way to express how the attitude towards God works. For as we saw earlier, God does not punish anyone. We punish ourselves when we step away from the perfect values that are revealed in God’s Essence. Only when we truly and fully embrace the God or His Holly Essence as ours in every step of our lives, we reward ourselves with His blessings. If we sacrifice God to something else, we simply have chosen the danger instead of safety, and it is nothing to do with God punishing us.

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