Hilsborough Disaster, 1989

We can only understand ourselves and others if we fully understand the mechanisms and principles that run and affect everything in the Existence and, for this reason, the way how we as an individual personalities are created, and what kind of freedom or just the opposite, the lack of it, we have in creation of ourselves and the decisions we make afterwards based on this. For this reason I am starting a website called Know The World And Yourself, where in due time I am planning to explain how I see these things or What Derives For What according how it has revealed itself to me.

This time I would like to offer only a short insight into the Arrogance in connection with The Principle of Reflection.

Imagine that the whole world, meaning the whole humankind, is a united vessel of God to all of us taken together and to every single one alike. Arrogant person is like one who is concentrated only on himself and ignorant to others. But to see the whole picture is possible only if you see or listen to all and everyone around you.

So whoever concentrates only on himself, rejects the whole picture,  rejects the God Himself by this.

Now, for those who are not familiar with The Principle of Reflection, I can explain, that everything works as if in the reflection of mirror. It means, we ourselves enforce on ourselves the approach that we apply to others.

Now you know that if somebody impairs the whole picture by his ignorance to other people simply because he values himself much higher or disrespects others,  actually, impairs his own ability to see and judge clearly and fully. Basically by his own arrogance and ignorance towards others he impairs his own abilities. The bigger arrogance and ignorance, the stronger backfire. And if we embark on this road than the trouble is just around the corner.

But before anyone would start to judge this person, any person actually, I would recommend to calm down and have a second look in order to make sure whether he sees the whole picture…

Whatever people think, nobody chose a to be a person he becomes. It really is a time-consuming topic to explain it properly. Still, normally no one chose a to be arrogant.

To explain this I need once again the help of the Principle of Reflection. And this will also be only a slight insight into the matter.

So as an individual and absolutely unique person each of us consist of huge amount of influences, that simply reflect back as our actions. Those influences like single pictures from video tape pile one on another and form the individuality we become. It is no possible to have two completely identical persons.

The earlier in life we are, the bigger the influence from the surrounding environment. Later on, when we already have some baggage of influences in us, we start to remember things because we have some ready info in us to compare with what we observe. And the preexisting info can have the properties to reject certain incoming info or transform it into something else before it settles down into us. how exactly it will occur depends on the properties of info already in us.  And the bigger the preexisting baggage, the smaller impact has the new one. For this reason later in life some people insist that nothing from outside can ever affect them. What they do not realize is that it is different with every single individual, what a certain info can have done to him or not. by one and the same info one can be strongly affected, another will grow even more immune to it, again another will not even notice it.

So if the Arrogance has been in a surrounding environment of a particular young person, than it can be that he has been affected by it and maybe even trapped into its nets. And those impacts can have enormous power over persons judgement and decisions in particular situations, that lead to a certain, impossible to understand actions by the most of his fellow people.

All this is the reason, why i like to say – God blinds the arrogant ones. Of course, in reality it only means that the we live in the reality where our own attitude create a reality for us for our own good or just the opposite. And of course it affect the smaller or bigger amount of people around us depending on circumstances.

So arrogance means to dismiss, reject others. Than it backfires and by this the arrogant one impairs his own abilities to see the whole picture. And remember, do not judge people, for nobody knows how the whole picture has evolved and who are the true culprits.

now let us go back to Mr David Dackenfield again.

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