Hilsborough Disaster, 1989

Actually, it is not him at all. Whoever is more understanding of the Nature of Human Mind, would understand that we are only reflecting the environment that has created us, including the socially economic system around us. More often than not we, as human being, actually, can not jump out of the impact that has created us. And sooner or later I will write a post where it will be describing that in detail. It is very much down to certain principles that penetrate this world through and through. The very basics on these principles can be found under the Principle of Reflection link. This post is still in progress so don’t be too critical about it…

Anyway, for the reason described above I see David Dackenfield to be only a vessel through whom the system we live in has failed itself. And to a certain level David is a victim of this system himself. Judging simply by the fact that he has suffered from depression as a consequence of all this.

But what are the factors that let him to the decisions of that day. First of all, why a man of such small or no experience has been appointed to this post in the first place? What decision makers were behind it?

It really could reveal another problem (one of many) of today’s societies – the fact that the secular power has been privatized, in a way, and there is a certain groups of people who appoint to the posts those who they are friends with, or friends of the friends… The problem is, often it is impossible to uncover those ties and mechanisms. They always stay hidden and those people protect each other.

So no wonder that such an inexperienced person got appointed to this post. Unfortunately,  the people appointed to those posts often strongly believe that they have been chosen for their own merits. That can contribute to another problem and contributing factor, which played a clear role in this case too – pride and arrogance and ignorance.

Again, on official level these bad traits have been reduced to a minimum. However, they are flourishing behind the scenes. People do seem to be less arrogant not because they have understood the world and become more humble, but because it would damage their career prospects. Remember, we live in times of hidden oppression.

So the Arrogance is one of the factors. And we do know this because one of the officers of that day has quoted Mr Dackenfield as saying, when approached about the situation saying – it will be my way or highway…

And arrogance does not come alone. It always comes with ignorance and mental blindness and many other “byproducts”. And for this reason I would like to introduce a reader of this post to the concept – Arrogance.

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