Hilsborough Disaster, 1989

To start with I just would like to say that I truly feel for those people who lost their loved ones and/or experienced any kind of injuries and traumas (physical and mental alike) by themselves or by their loved ones. Because the sufferings of our loved ones are sufferings of us either.

So what really happened and who is the cheaf-in-blame???!!! And what does it tell about our society altogether!

I just happened to stay in a hotel in Blackpool where a guy from Liverpool was too. It was just in the days when the verdict was delivered about Unlawful Killing. It is funny that we really come across people who are meant to be met. It is always for us to learn something. I would like to call it a Finger of God.

He said that he remembers those days, when health and safety was low, when people often got into stampede etc. Looking at that with today’s eyes is like clearly understanding – it was an accident waiting to happen. And nobody really seemed to be bothered till something really serious happens. So this was one of the important contributing factors that led to the disaster. Put short – the way of life of that time, despite having some Health and Safety regulations already in place.

It is well-known fact that H&S regulations are being ignored to a certain extent by everyone on an every-day-life level. Everyone and in any country do that. And it used to be that even if the regulations are in place they still were ignored even by officials. And it was a common practice in those years, and in many countries it is like that up to today.

Of course, the Western World has introduced a systems of severe punishments to people in charge, so at least at this level the things have changed. But it was a completely different story on those days. And vast majority of all people were being ignorant to H&S, including fans. And even if some of them were in the position of the authorities of that time, it could have caused the same outcome, simply because this attitude was deep into, what I call, Collective Consciousness.

This phenomenon of Collective Consciousness, actually,  is extremely important factor that contributes to an enormous scale to what is happening around us and, even more, within us. For this reason I will have one day a specially dedicated post to it.

So the second contributing factor is the effect of the Collective Consciousness. We all have heard that a nations got the rulers or leaders they deserve. And they deserve leaders that, actually, reflect their own values, attitudes, intelligence levels etc. Look for instance at the election campaign in the US right now… The success of Donald Trump tells us so much about the whole US…

Even the leaders are affected by this Collective Consciousness. Apart from some who attach themselves to certain values and stick to them, by working on them on everyday basis. So the emerge of Donald Trump is caused by some need for such a person in the American society, because it reflects where they hearts truly lie.

Only very strong personalities can turn this CC in direction they want it to be. But to do that they must be extremely intelligent and knowledgeable.

The first two contributing factors, in a way, are of the same kind and very close to each other, nearly repeating each other. And that really is so. Still, they must be looked at as separate factors in my view. Because they affect and, in a way, create each other. And whoever succeeds to change one, can have changed another. But as I said, it is a story for a different article.

Next contributing factor – David Dackenfield…

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