A Very Sad Day for Labour! Will Jeremy Corbyn Follow Clegg?

Jeremy Corbyn.

I voted for Jeremy at the Labour leadership election. He truly seemed to be head and shoulders above anybody in Labour party. Honest, straight speaking, right?

I regretted it the very day Jeremy was elected. It happened when he went straight from the winners podium to streets with slogans like – let us open the borders and let anyone who is in trouble in the world in the UK.

The problem is not that I do not understand the need to help, but what you are willing to sacrifice and pay to help. And that it would be at the cost of those who could elect him.

First thing to come to mind is that there are some couple of millions of people right ready to accept this invitation. Look what has and is happening to Germany now after Angela Merkel announced that she is willing to accept as many refugees as there will be. She obviously did not consider the consequences. Not even for a second.

It has changed the face of Germany already. And the whole Europe indeed. It is not really a help. It is a full relocation of very different people who do not have any plans to assimilate, rather impose their way of life to those they have visited as a refugees.

It means that those who are being helped are going to push the helpers into their understanding of how to live your lives.

Does Jeremy like it or not, big number of those people he is righteously willing to help, will not be willing to shake his hand and will push him out of the office at the very first opportunity. I am sure Jeremy has not considered this as consequences of his policies. But many do. And for this reason even having this as a minor point in his policy will not only make him unelectable, but also will force Labour lose even bigger part of the pie.

The first test is just right the corner.

But this was not even the main point in this post.

The main point is – Jeremy Corbyn is PRO-EU…

This was really upsetting to me. Especially because Jeremy has been against the EUROPEAN UNION for a very long time.

I believe Jeremy will understand me and my rebellion against the official Labour policy because he himself has been a long-term rebel to the ruling Labour group. After all he has voted against the Labour for more than 500 times… The message has been – you do not go against your consciousness, even if and in spite the fact that your leaders do. So I am simply following the path Jeremy has shown himself.

Why I am comparing Jeremy with Nick Clegg?

Nick Clegg and his team did the most unforgivable thing. It seems they still up to this day do not get it – they completely betrayed their voters. And the tuition fees has nothing to do with it.

Basically, the rise of Libdems was due to the very same reasons why Jeremy won the leadership elections. They very clear and specific about their policies. And they were Social Democrats, basically in the territory of Labour, who at that point have learned to be completely useless and blur in their species mainly operating with slippery slogans.

So people voted for Liberal Democrats thinking that they are the new Social Democrats who will deliver.

What happened next was nothing less than nightmare come true. Libdems joined their forces with “you-know-who”… I was such a painful betrayal and stubbing in the back that nobody expected. It was no less shock to me than watching 9/11 attacks in New York. I was thinking – how can it be possible and true?

Libdems, obviously, did not see it this way. They have paid an enormous price for that. And to certain extend they tripped the Labour chances in the next elections also because people were forced even deeper into assumption that – They are all the same…

What Jeremy is doing after he has been elected is just following what Nick Clegg has done before. Lots of clarity and determination before the election, and becoming blur right after it. Very strong sense of direction before election, and complete u-turn after on very important issues.

THE MOST WORSE part of this is that there is no going back like it was still possible with the mistake of John McDonnell.

He did the right thing even though it was embarrassing, it was embarrassing, it was embarrassing.

There is no chance for Jeremy. I believe he has shot himself by this quite severally. And with this the chances of the Labour party as a whole. People do not forgive anything. One should remember who he was and what he was standing for when he was elected. For people do not vote for beards. People vote for what one stands for and how he represents himself. And Jeremy has changed everything that was good about him becoming just another Miliband, only two times older.

A very sad day for Labour.

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