Barack Obama. The Antichrist. The Stay in the EU campaigner.

Obama is the Antichrist.  YouTube is full with “proves”…

Of course he is not and he can not be. I would look at the presidential hopeful Donald Trump for this title, but not Obama.


He missed a great chance to stay still. By his interference he actually damaged his own profile and, in my view, the very target he is aiming to – to help the Stay in the EU campaign.

The thing is that the USA do not have friends whatever they may proclaim openly. For them anything is “just a good business”, if we can quote The Pirates Of The Caribbean. And US does not have deals where they lose.

Unfortunately we live in the world where mutual benefit from a deal is nearly impossible.  So for this reason we can state that what is good for the US, is bad for the UK.

The great benefits of being in the EU is a clear lie. Just check the figures. I heard on the radio LBC that the UK has a deficit as huge as 68 or so billion a year in trade. Compare it with German’s 84 or so surplus.

This kind of balance is very, very unhealthy for any country. And being in the EU there is no chance to sort it out. Never ever within the EU.

For those who are not familiar with economics I would like to explain how it works because it is not “only those bloody 68 billion” that the country loses.

Such disbalance in trade means lost businesses that create the value, a dropped income for the affected societies, lost income for the state in terms of the taxes, increased expenses to support those without decently paid jobs.

And that is only the short-term loss. There is also a long-term one.

In long-term the country gets itself into increasing need for the money to support the jobless families and to cover the gap that grows because the state spends more than earns on international stage.

It all means a growing burdens in terms of debt and interests for that. It also means that larger societies fall deeper and deeper into hopelessness with their children growing up without jobs, skills,  future, hope and the very willingness to live. Many will turn to crime, others to bad habits.

You can clearly see what happens to more deprived societies even here in the UK let alone in other, poorer EU countries.

What the media said.

Nigel Morris from “i” said – Barack Obama dealt a heavy blow to the Brexit campaign…

Rubbish. He could actually achieve just the opposite with his interference. The problem is that it really must be extremely important for the US themselves to keep the UK in the EU and not for the sake of the UK.

I believe that this interference of the president of the USA, and he even came over to say that here, clearly shows – they are panicking. But why?

Would you believe that they dread for the UK? No chance. They only serve themselves and they need allies only for throwing them under tanks as a meat.

So why are they so worried that even president himself decided to come over?

The problem is, the deal he was speaking about between the EU and the US is nearly complete. But where 27 countries each are trying to satisfy their own interests, you can only get a deal which is going to damaging for all of them and especially in a long-term perspective.

But if between two deal makers one is a lose,  another is a winner.

There are, of course, many other aspects to all this. One of them is that when the UK leaves, and “God forbid” they will do better than those in the EU, there could be followers… The end of the EU.

Do not forget that the US has enormous debts and are heavily struggling. There is no way out of there for them. And any shaking, even the smallest, can cause the collapse of its whole structure.

Should the UK be the grant of the stability in the US and pay for that with the prosperity of its own people? I don’t think so.

Why did David Cameron say about Obama that he is giving a sage advice is a mystery to me.

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