Brexit. Introduction.

Britain is about to choose in referendum which way to go in this leave or stay in the EU referendum. Concerning this vote there is so much unknown and lies…  It is even called Brexit. For those who do not know it, politicians and media tend to manipulate with the minds of people in order to influence them to choose a particular path, they want you to choose. For this reason the vote has been named a Brexit.

Brexit is a compilation of Break and Exit. The negativity of both these words everyone can understand with unarmed eye. And it has been chosen in this way for a purpose. People are easy to frighten. And knowing this one must not be a prophet to understand that the whole campaign will be a huge pile of frightening stories with little or no truth in them.

Edition… As it turns out, the Brexit is a compilation of Britain and Exit, instead of Break and Exit… And it is said to follow the same patter as once was called the situation in Greece – Grexit, or something like that. It makes a new turn to this story. The thing is, if the prophecies of some clairvoyants and psychics are correct, than “all that is uniting now, will collapse and fall into pieces”… (and I am not quoting those predictions right now) And because the UK is very likely to leave the EU, it could be the trigger point for many to follow the pattern. And for this reason it is really funny, how symbolic this Brexit sounds… Like Break by Exit…

No one should be worried about that, for the EU is very unfair institution and the weakest countries only lose in it. The whole project is built on mutual abuse and can not last forever. All the selfish systems sooner or later break, and so it will be with EU. There is no escape of that.

What people should remember is that the best lie is the one that is partly built out of true facts. As a rule if you show only one part of the whole picture, you can manipulate with any information. If you do it correctly, from manipulators point of view, you are able to prove that two opposite assessments of one on the same situation can be proved to be completely contradicting each other. All you have to do in order to win over with your view is – you just provide part of the picture in order to make it look the way you want it, as if this is a whole picture.

I hate to tell you this but the whole world we are living in, under all philosophies and religions and systems of governments are doing that in order to stay in power. And the UK is not an exclusion.

I will try to give you few examples of how statistics are being used in order to deceit people.

Imagine that you are told that the country’s economy is growing and statistics clearly show it, let us say – 2% a year. And the governing party is praising itself for providing this growth. But than again you must know that you are not told some other important facts about it and the whole picture is being withheld from you. If you knew that the immigration in your country is, let us say, 3% per year, than those 2% of growth actually would look a completely different story.

It would mean a clear failure on economical level. Because, if the number of whole population is growing faster than the economy itself is growing than it clearly means that the real income or the created value of every single person in the country has decreased. But no politician will ever say that to you. They will only present to you those figures that make them look good and caring in your eyes. And ALL POLITICIANS, POLITICAL PARTIES ARE LIKE THAT.

If you would learn that at the same time the difference between the highest and lowest earners has increased and keeps increasing year in year out, that would be an additional blow to the claims of the successful economic growth in that particular country. Because that would mean that highest earners, who already earn much more than they actually create goods and contribute to the prosperity of whole society, keep growing in their income, while the poorest keep sinking into poverty deeper and deeper. And the poor usually are the majority. So if we combine these two points, (economic decline per person and double decline if you are poor), that the whole picture, actually, is quite grim. You are welcome into reality.

Another example. Imagine that the ruling party keeps praising itself for high employment and decreased unemployment. It really may seem that if they show these two figures that the data are reliable and honest. But do not jump the conclusion. Political statements and reality are no friends ever and they do not reflect each other ever.

Only if you know how the statistics work and you can examine the situation for yourself and be above their deceit, you can understand what is going on. In different countries, even within the EU, there are being used different methods of how to calculate anything, including the unemployment. Some of those methods exclude from statistics those without job who do not actively search for the job. In some countries the chances are so miserable to find the jobs for those less fortunate, that those people stop attending the government institutions. And when they stop attending them, they automatically get thrown out of the statistics. They are still unemployed, but do not appear in statistics anymore. The real unemployment can be some 20%, but on the paper it may be only some 7%. So for this reason one can talk only about so-called “paper statistics”.

The actual situation compared to the statements of the politicians can be complete opposite, and nearly always is.

It truly can be that the real unemployment has increased but the statistical one, “the paper one”, has decreased dramatically. But no “true politician”, if he is in power, not in opposition, will ever tell you that. And the opposition is no better too, as a matter of fact. They do their best to exaggerate how bad everything is, actually. Do not trust anyone, is my advice! Check everything for yourself. 

So for this reason it is important to know that you have to see the whole picture and be educated in how to look at any figures provided to you. And the whole picture, in this case, must include the whole number of working age people, how many of them are employed, how many officially unemployed, and how many does not appear in the statistics.

When some governments show you the numbers of employed, and those figures are good, do not take it for granted. Because pretty much the same story happens here in the UK too. For we all know that there are “in some countries” such a thing called “zero hours contract”. It can mean, that one company which has, let us say, some 100 employees, but only 90 of them are on full-time contracts. The rest have “zero hours contract”.

It all can mean, that the work provided for those 10 is only as good as for 1 with full-time contract. So, actually, you could say, that in reality there are 9 people out of work among those 100, who officially (on the paper) are employed. So that would make the real unemployment rate rise by 9%. But thanks to the way statistics are being collected, nothing of that will reach you.

But once again – do not trust anyone, including me. Check everything for yourself. For there definitely are many other workers on these zero hours contracts, who have pretty good hours of real work. So how to calculate the REAL NUMBERS? You can not do this, unless somebody collects and makes all the data public.

So the next time when you are being told that the economy is growing, the unemployment is falling, and the employment is also growing, don’t be fooled. Don’t take it for granted simply because somebody is telling you that quoting statistical data and claiming that statistics do not lie. Because statistics do not lie, but those who pretend to represent you definitely do.

One more example concerning statistics and lies.

You are told that you have paid a couple of thousands in taxes, whereas another guy has paid a couple of millions. So don’t be mean and don’t count his money for he has contributed to the pot of the society what you never will. And it sounds so credible.

But if you take a closer look you would realise that this person, very possibly, is heavily abusing his employees and, in a way, robbing them by paying very low wages. Of course, he is not doing it himself directly. He makes somebody do it for him.

Than You realise that he has paid only some 5% or even less from all his multi-million profit whereas you have paid some 20 on 25% even though you are struggling with your daily money.

Further more you learn that he is buying his cars as an asset to his business and gets even further tax relief, but you pay whole amount and taxes for everything.

If you knew how the prices of currencies are secured at a certain level you would understand that he is benefiting from that huge amounts of money too. The short story is that the state takes on debts in order to secure those certain prices. The bigger beneficiaries from that are the most rich, but the burden of this debt falls on every single resident in particular country equally, not according to their earnings. So this is kind of invisible tax we all pay every day to secure a nice and sweet life for those most fortunate.

So next time somebody tells you that he has paid and contribute enormous amounts of money to the state, remind him that he is earning that only because the huge unfairness is incorporated in the laws of the state across the whole world. And he is not paying anything. Instead he is just returning far too small part of what has been taken unfairly from ordinary common working people. And yet there is that story with the prices of the currencies…

Even worse it becomes if we realise that the countries are run by those super rich. They meet in secrecy, they decide what is good for them, than they delegate somebody to deal with the so-called “ruling politicians”, and persuade them to implement certain conditions into taxes etc.

To help them out they pre-order some kind of economic research to prove that the best thing for everyone is the one they need for themselves.

We live in a very unfair society. It means, you can easily be left outside the sister and become one of those who struggle to make ends meet. So either you are nobody or work for the sister.  People do understand that. They agree to carry out some research in order to “find the only truth needed”.

And then these results become a tool for politicians to make the nation believe that certain conditions, that in reality will damage their wellbeing, are the best possible for them. And people have no other chance but to accept this.

Why I am telling this all to you?

Because pretty much the same is going to happen when politicians will be discussing the gains and losses of the Brexit. And up to today we all have already heard huge lies and scary stories. I remember some of the politicians in other EU countries when those countries were about to vote for joining or staying outside the EU, went as far as telling the general public on TV that in case the society will choose to stay out of the EU, the very next day Russian tanks will be at their borders in order to take over our country. I expect pretty much the same language to develop here in the UK also. And it already has started.

Woe to those scaremongers.

For this reason, I would like to concentrate on some of “those arguments” that have been and will be exploited in order to deceit people by not showing them the whole picture. For this purpose other articles will be written sooner or later.

One thing is for sure – the UK is a large country that has loads of different resources and talents and developed technologies and manufacturing to provide itself and to make a good life for all that are living in it. If the rulers of the country can not make it come true within the UK itself, than no union will ever help to change that, and those rulers should be dismissed together with their policies. Actually, all existing unions can and will only reduce the prospects of the country.

I would like to stress this again and again. Leaving the EU does not automatically mean any success whatsoever. There is a hell of policies to change and develop in order to make the country a success. But all those unions and international organisations will do their best to stop it from them. And some points of those policies, with explanations, I will try to deliver in the future blog posts. So for me the option to leave seem to be the only fair and sensible one.

And do not get me wrong, I do believe in unionism as such. I do believe that if the unions are built on fairness and generosity, it really can work for all concerned and mostly for those who are direct part of such unions. What I do not believe is that the existing EU, or any international organization that exist in the world today, has anything to do with fairness and generosity. Just a complete opposite.

These formations are a serious threat to the weakest countries and/or weakest economical branches within them.  And, of course, in long-term, they can bring a grim for the strongest also, which we can only understand if we see the whole picture in time and space alike. The only real beneficiaries are those Super-Rich that have stopped to grow in their own countries and were struggling to expand into other countries. And again, in short-term prospects. Now the borders for them have opened. But the borders have opened also for the criminals and for all kinds of trouble to spread…

The history has shown that such formations NEVER TURN INTO ANYTHING GOOD BY THEMSELVES. If you want a real change, you should destroy such formations and build completely new ones on completely different conditions and values. The existing EU will never do any good for its members. In short-term some may have some gains.

Again, the biggest winners from this united EU market are those sacks of money from abroad. Now in one go they can take the whole market because they deal with one institution, with the EU, which does not particularly stand for the interests of all and everyone. For this reason what is good for one country, is bad for another within it. And in the same way all decisions in one way or another will be damaging for somebody in this union. So in time there will be such a mess, that no one will be able to recover from that and the EU will collapse anyway.

The supporters of the EU keep repeating, that some losses are covered by other gains. Unfortunately, whenever somebody says this, you should ask him to be a more specific, so that we can examine their data in context of a whole picture and decide for ourselves. Which we will do in many next blog posts.

So my verdict, even before I start to express any arguments, is – the EU does not do any good for the UK nor for any other EU country, but do plenty of damage. And many upon many other countries are doing excellent despite being not in this union. So this argument that without EU the UK is lost is a clear lie. If any governor says this, than by doing this he declares himself a liar and unreliable person or a person who does not have any understanding of how to lead the country to the success for all.

Yes, Britain can be much better off without being in the EU, but with conditions, that a true and worthy ruler takes the country over. Unfortunately, I do not see anyone fitting this description. Still, the EU is a burden to the UK.

What a true leader of the country should do?

A true leader should absolutely honestly provide all the information and view points to his people concerning all aspects affected and be ready to accept any decision taken by his people because the voice of the nation is the voice of God. So the true ruler should be impartial and honest, and support financially all kinds of views to be heard, even if he is supporting one particular himself, and leave the decision to the people. For any outcome is kind of God’s Will, and for this reason it should be accepted as such.

This means, pretty much, that Cameron should not leave the post simply because the nation could have voted in the opposite of what he thinks is right. All a good ruler can and must do is – he does his best to persuade people about certain things and do his best to help to be heard all the other views equally and accept the outcome and live with that.

The voice of the nation is the voice of God.

Still, it does not mean, that the nation is always right. But the nation is expressing the trends in the society, and those trends are the message from God, if you wish. And if someone has failed to persuade others about his points, it means, that maybe he himself is not good enough in his own views, that he is not ready to promote them even though they could be the best possible for the whole nation.

And that is my strong conviction on this and many other matters.


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